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Encountering the Shadow People
Readers report their own unnerving experiences with the mysterious shadow people phenomenon, and also offer some additional theories to explain them.
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"When my daughter was a newborn, she greatly disliked going to sleep in her own room. She wasn't just being clingy. I knew the difference from when she was afraid and when she was being 'spoiled.' It was great work getting her to sleep in her room, and even I didn't like being in the room at night. It seemed to swallow light. At night the room became so black that even nightlights wouldn't illuminate the corners of the room. I always felt like I was being watched from the darkness. As my daughter learned to talk, she cried to her grandfather (who wanted to put her to bed one night), 'No room. Shadow Man come!' When he asked her about 'Shadow Man,' she pointed to the darkest corner that even I never liked (but never discussed with her). She just kept saying, 'No Shadow Man.' That was the night she named it."
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In the recent article on shadow people - dark, ghost-like shadowy entities- it was mentioned that this phenomenon seems to be on the rise around the world. There appear to be more sightings with greater frequency. Many readers seem to concur and have responded with their frightening, sometimes bizarre personal encounters with these strange beings. Here are their stories:

House of Shadows
I became aware of the shadows shortly after moving into my house in New Jersey. My daughters' playroom was in the basement and they were constantly complaining that they were always seeing something move out of the corners of their eyes. My youngest also said they hovered near the ceiling. In later years, I had my floral workshop in the basement and saw them constantly. It got to the point where I would talk to them with my mind, not that they ever answered back.

They were black. We saw them all over the basement, but mostly along one wall, and occasionally saw them along the same wall on the first floor and in the kitchen near the back door. We did not see them anywhere else in the house or elsewhere on the property. But even when we did not get a glimpse of them, we were aware when they were present. Some of them seemed to have an evil presence. A few years after we moved in, I told them they were not welcome in the house and the evil presence seemed to go away. Still, we had an uneasy feeling about them. Not fear. We just accepted they were there, as several steps taken over the years to make them go away didn't work anyway. Only once after the evil ones were told they were not welcome was I aware they came back. And I am not sure if they were evil or just upset. I will explain later.

Only once did it see one clearly. But it happened in a split second and I did not see it from top to bottom. I was walking through the breakfast room into the kitchen. The kitchen light was on in the corner. It was by the back door in front of the stove. I was startled. I thought someone had come into the house. It all happened very fast. But the light from behind it did not pass through as it would a shadow. It was short and stocky and appeared as a silhouette of a person. It had a head (there were no discernable features, including no eyes) shoulders, arms and a torso. It disappeared too fast to take note if it had legs or feet. I sensed it was as surprised as I was and did not intend to be seen.

Then our house caught fire. It was a major fire that started from a shorted TV along the wall of shadows in the den. We were out of the house six months while it was repaired. About a week after the fire, I stopped by right before dark to pick up a few things. As I came onto the back porch and looked through the six-foot hole where the picture window once was, I looked across the breakfast room at the basement doorway. I sensed three shadows near the doorway. It was almost dark outside, so I did not actually see them. I also got a very bad feeling about them and told them by thought that the evil ones were still not welcome in the house whether I was there or not. Then I turned and left without entering the house. I was quite rattled. Whether I had this feeling because I was also emotionally upset about the fire... I cannot say.

The next day, I went back and it seemed the house was full of shadows, although I only caught a glimpse of them, as usual, fleeing in the basement. And I am not sure I really saw them as there were no lights on down there and the only light was from the window-well windows. It was the only time I ever sensed that they tried to communicate. It seemed they were upset that we were not there because the house was all black, there was no light for them in the kitchen, and there were strangers in the house (the workers) every day. A few weeks later, burglars tried to steal the new appliances for the house. Everything was left in the kitchen by the back door. My daughters and I joked that they met up with the shadows and were scared off. Who knows? - MSF

Shadow Man on the Road
I've always been very observant and I notice everything around me in detail. When I was 13, I was riding home from the supermarket with my older brother. All of a sudden, a dark figure dove under the car. It happened very quickly, but I saw it straight on. It was definitely in the shape of a man and it seemed to appear out of nowhere. I said to my brother, "I just saw a... a... a shadow man." Of course, my brother made a joke of it. I went along with it, but it was more than a joke to me. I saw another shadow man that very night when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I know it was not my mind playing tricks. - Jason

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