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A History Lesson

Tales of the Ouija
Strong personalities, accurate predictions, strange apparitions and a host of other unnerving phenomena manifest when these ordinary people dare to place their fingers on the talking Ouija board.
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"This spirit we encountered attached itself to one of my friend's children. Unfortunately, we took it as a bad energy, and reacted with anger to its actions, which allows it to gain in strength: Windows would be opened with a bang; the 3 year olds would come screaming up the hallway as if someone was chasing them; and the girl, then 8, would be sleeping and we could see scratches appearing on her body. We finally found he had come to us to help him to the light. He was a lost soul. We found out later that my friend's home had been built on a spot where this man had been buried and he had been trapped there for some time. I haven't read in the Ouija section yet, although maybe I should since the teenagers next door seem to like playing with it and it scares me that they are playing with something they have no knowledge of."
Do ghosts harm humans?
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What is going on when you sit with a friend at the Ouija board? Are you, as many believe, opening a door to a spiritual realm - a door that the uninformed or unenlightened should not open? Or, as the skeptics claim, are you merely being entertained by your own subconscious working through what is known as the body's ideomotor response?

It's difficult to convince those who have had weird - sometimes terrifying - experiences with the Ouija that the predictions, apparitions and other unexplained phenomena are just products of their imaginations. And most serious paranormal researchers will warn you that the Ouija is not to be trifled with. Yet science insists that it's all in your mind. Who's right? Here are some stories from readers that might help you make up your own mind.

The Face in the Wall
In high school, I bought a Ouija board for one of my best friends, Tony, for his Christmas present. He later gave it back to me because his girlfriend refused to keep it in her mom's house, where they lived. We got hours of interesting conversation with the so-called "spirits," but one particular day sticks out in my mind. It was the middle of the afternoon, and I had a few friends over for lunch. One day, my friend Jay and I decided to whip out the Ouija board. Tony sat on the couch and watched us contact the spirit.

We were probably five minutes into it when all of a sudden Tony starts screaming! All he could get out was, "A face...! A face...! A face...!" Keep in mind that Tony was a year older, and he was sort of the "tough guy" in school. So to see his eyes tearing and hearing him screaming that loud was not normal. Once we calmed him down a bit, he told us he saw a face coming out of the wall behind Jay and me. At that exact moment, the phone rang. It was my mother's cousin - a priest. What's strange is the fact that he rarely calls (maybe once a year or so), and when he would, he would call my mom when he knew she was home from work (which wasn't until the evening). Being frantic, I asked him if Ouija boards are for real, and he told me that they're evil and I should get rid of it immediately. He never asked for my mother; it's almost as if he knew what had happened.

I am now 21 (I was probably 16 at the time), still friends with Tony and Jay. Tony still swears on anything that he saw a face come out of the wall, and to this day will not come close to a Ouija board. - Todd

The Devil Burned Me
About four months ago, I was down in Devon (my mates live in Devon). We were really bored, so I told them how to make a Ouija board. None of us - my mates Charlotte, James and I - had ever played before. We tried it and met a spirit named VGTI. (I think he was a bit confused when he said that.) He said he was from New Zealand. We met many other spirits who told us their names were Dee, Benji, Amber, Kevin, Viper, Charlotte and Upton. They were all someone's guardian angel: Dee is James's, Benji is mine, Amber is Emily's, Kevin is Erin's, Viper is James's, Charlotte is Charlotte's (ironically!) I forgot who Upton is guarding. According to them, we are all the god of something: Erin, Marvin and James are the gods of creation; I'm the god of the mind; James is also the god of spirit love; Loran is the god of love; and Charlotte is the god of words. 

We were talking to Upton one night (he's kind of a joker who tries to freak everyone out.) We were just talking when all of a sudden it sharply said: DJID. We asked what that meant and he denied saying it. I asked who did and he said, SATIN. (Not Satan, but Satin with an "i".) We asked if we could talk to it and Upton said: IT'S EVIL And then Charlotte said, "Oh, Satin, as in the devil." He pointed to YES. Satin kept interrupting and repeating DJID.

Then I got pissed off and said, "Just die, Satin." I know white magic, so we decided to do a spell that condemned evil spirits. We found a candle, but couldn't find the lighter. We asked if Upton would somehow help us find the lighter. We looked for a bit, then James (who wasn't playing; he was just playing PlayStation2) fell off the bed and got a really bad headache. He put his hand under a duvet and pulled out the lighter. Suddenly his head stopped hurting and he gave us the lighter. I tried to light the candle and the flame jumped and burned me - a damn good burn at that. We managed to light the candle and perform the spell - and it worked. We asked if it was Satin that burned me and it said: YES. - Michael P.

The Ouija Knew
As a 13 year old, I, and my two best friends (J & S), were into anything and everything. We believed that you should try everything once. For about two months every Friday night, we would have a séance at whosever's house we stayed at. One night our Ouija board went on a spelling frenzy. It told us that J's brother would be in a car accident. We were so scared that we rang the hospitals and police to check for accidents. J's mum woke up and heard us on the phone, so she came to check on us. When she found out what had happened, we were barred from having séances again - or risked being stopped from seeing each other. We stopped the séances, but we did try to warn her brother from going in his mate's yellow car - as was described by the Ouija. He laughed us off as silly little girls. 

Three weeks later, while he was in his mate's car, J's brother hit a telephone pole and was thrown eight feet into the air. He suffered severe injuries and only narrowly escaped death because he changed where he had originally been sitting in the car. Had he not moved, he would have been killed instantly. I'm now 30 years old and have a child. I raise him to believe that anything is possible, and if it is meant to be, then it will happen. - Tania R.

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