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Many More Past Lives Recalled
Many readers responded to last week's article on past life recall with their own "memories" of other lives in other places, more real than dreams and as profound as their current existence.

Returned to the Civil War
I have had a number of experiences that have proven to me the truth of reincarnation, but here is one that is fairly recent: I was regressed by a friend of mine who is a psychic. During the regression, I found myself apparently in Virginia during the Civil War. I was walking in a field in front of a large, red brick home, which appeared to belong to me. I was looking or watching for someone who never came. The name that came to me was Ellis (either first or last). While walking back to the house at dusk, I was looking down at my feet and I knew that I was deeply depressed. Something glittered on the ground and I picked it up. It was a case knife. I put it in my pocket and proceeded into the house... and then returned to 1999. My mother died two years ago and my stepfather had retained a lot of her personal possessions. Three months ago, January, he asked me to come to his new house because he had some things he wanted to give me. In the box was a knife - the knife I had picked up during my regression! It had belonged to my mother's father, whom I had never known. Apparently, when one of my mother's brothers died, it was given to her, but I never knew anything about it and had never seen it. I guess I will never really know whom I was waiting for in that red brick house back in the middle 1860s, but my mother's family did live in the North Carolina/Tennessee area at that time, having come here from Scotland in 1926. - Joan

There were benches all around with some other people sitting on them, and I noticed even my mom had a long dress on. The floor was all rough and the walls were like logs.
At the Dentist's, Long Ago
This is the closest I've ever come to remembering something that couldn't possibly have happened to me in this day and age: I was at the dentist's. My teeth have been really bad, so that didn't surprise me. Anyway, I was sitting in the waiting room and I must have had a tooth pulled because I felt sick and had to keep spitting in this old stove in the middle of the floor. There were benches all around with some other people sitting on them, and I noticed even my mom had a long dress on. The floor was all rough and the walls were like logs. It must have been cold outside because there was a fire burning in the stove. I guess I must have been around five years old. What was this memory? I know it wasn't a dream. It's so real to me, even to this day. - Sharon

Remembers the Romans
Since 1974, I have occasionally had dreams of being alive in the days of the Roman Empire. I studied Latin in high school and wondered why I was developing such a fascination for an empire of such antiquity. Could I just be glimpsing the past? I want to write a novel about someone back then, but would like it to be based on this "life." - Dan DeLoughery

Part of a Plan?
Actor Glenn Ford, who played Christopher Reeves' father in Superman, has been well-documented in books as having [past life recall] experiences. The doctors that he worked with were apparently able to uncover more than one past life personality while Glenn was under hypnosis. Incidentally, I am a true believer in past lives and future lives in the beyond. In my opinion, it's all part of the divine plan of God. If you would like to get a very simplified idea and explanation of this, read the books Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh. These can be life-changing books if you open up your mind and ask the simple questions. - Andrew J. Peel

He told me a story about how he died. He stated that he was shot in the leg, pointing to a area on his leg where he has a birth mark.

Son Needs to Complete His Plans
I never believed in reincarnation until my son started telling me stories. At age three, he would tell me he used to be a soldier. He said that he died before he got to be a hero and that he came back to try to be a hero again. He told me a story about how he died. He stated that he was shot in the leg, pointing to a area on his leg where he has a birth mark. He said the wound was not that bad, but he died from the infection. This made me wonder how a three-year-old would know about infections and how "ugly fluid" came out of it. When he was about four, he was ill and had a high fever. He was in his bed taking a nap. All of a sudden, I heard him bouncing off his bed, banging his body off the walls. I ran to his room and he was screaming that he had died again. He was out of control with his emotions, yelling that he would never get to be that hero he wanted to be, that he had a lot of plans for his life and now they were gone. He just kept on crying and yelling that I did not understand what he had planned. It took me about two hours to calm him down and tell him he was alright, and all the while he was telling me his plans to be that hero. Now I believe there is something to reincarnation. - Linda Kronander

Once Burned at the Stake
I can't say I believe in all this stuff, especially since I have been trained in the field of science as a nurse, but I have had a recurring dream that I lived in Ireland, although I don't know what part. All I know is that I lived in a small, thatched house that sat up against the mountains and that the other side dropped to the sea. I was a girl of 16 from a poor family. My father gave me away in marriage to a man of 45 who was a widower. He had two daughters older than I, and I was very unhappy with him. Around that time, there were some Norman soldiers in the area. I was accused of having an affair with a young soldier, which was untrue I was burned on the stake as punishment. My name was Bernadette Fagan and the time frame was in the 780s to the 900s, although I have never been able to find historical evidence of this. I have also never been to Ireland, but I sense that I was put to the stake because of the lies of the two jealous daughters - Fabricldy

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