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What Color is Your Aura?
Are auras representations of bioelectric fields that can be seen, felt, and controlled? Or are they merely fanciful illusions?

What color is your aura?

What's that? You didn't even know you had one? That's not surprising since they are invisible to most people... if they exist at all. Those who do believe in auras say they are electro-magnetic or bio-electric fields that surround all living things. The color or strength of one's aura, they say, can reflect the person's personality, mood, or state of health. There's no scientific proof that auras exist and, by the same token, no proof that they don't. But belief in them seems to be spreading. The proof most often cited for the existence of auras is Kirlian and aura photography, but the effects, results, and conclusions of these kinds of photography are open to question.

To help you make up your own mind, here are some aura-related websites that can provide you with an abundance of information:

  • At How To See and Read the Aura, Dr. Tom J. Chalko has a fairly large website in which he explains that you can learn to gain conscious control of the human bioenergy field, or aura, through meditation and concentration exercises. And by controlling it, he says, you can then influence the healing processes within your body. In another section, Chalko shows some examples of bioelectrography (which looks a lot like Kirlian photography), which he says records the "intelligent and coherent exchange of electronic information" of which life is made.
  • There are several sites by small companies offering, for a fee, to take a photo of your aura - aura-imaging they call it - with an aura camera. Aura Imaging [link no longer works] is one of them. They say their camera picks up at the Chakra level, and that you should update your photo two or three times a year. That may be because they have to pay for that expensive aura camera, which they also sell for just under $10,000US. These are not Kirlian photographs, however, but produce portraits of the customer surrounded by a rainbow-like cloud. (Real Kirlian photos are made without cameras.) But even Dr. Chalko, in Technology, Tricks, and the Truth, doesn't put any faith in these cameras, saying that they produce auras even without any person in the photo.
  • Auras and Energy provides a color analysis of an aura, explaining what each color signifies. Then it explains how you can feel an aura by sensitizing your hands, and then cleanse your energy using salt, water, baking soda, and Epsom salt.
  • Why go through all that trouble? Dr. Dee explains why in The Importance of a Healthy Aura, saying that "the easiest way to collect and store power for the use of the individual is through the aura." This site has information on healing the aura through nutrition or some kind of crystal laser treatment.
  • At SpiritWeb, Robert Bruce provides a lot of detailed information on Auras. He says that the aura "is both an energy field and a reflection of the subtle life energies within the body." He then explains why most people fail to see the aura, and the steps for enabling yourself to see it.
  • Exercises to See Auras [link no longer working] provides two very detailed steps for detecting the "human energy field," which consists of seven layers. They say it will take a bit of practice, but that you can do it.
  • For the skeptical point of view, read The Skeptic's Dictionary entry on auras. It not only provides good background material, but also calls into question the claims that auras reflect health, remarking that there seems to be no consensus, even among believers, as to what colors relate to what state of health. Another site is Human Auras and Energy Fields, which challenges the validity of Kirlian and other forms of aura photography, as well as the claims of those who say they can see or feel auras.

So what do you think? Is the aura merely imaginary? Or is it a real bioelectric field that can be seen, felt, and controlled? Will we some day go to an auratherapist, much as we go to a chiropractor today, when we're feeling not quite right... to get our auras adjusted?

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