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How To Photograph Skyfish

Experiments have shown that skyfish could be virtually anywhere - possibly right outside your home. Using your home video camera, you can find out. A technique developed by actor John "Bro" Wilkie shows how to get the best results. As shown in the diagram link on this page, set up your video camera on a tripod near your home or where there is some other kind of overhang. Adjust the camera's zoom to its maximum telephoto setting. Aim the camera toward the sun - but NOT AT the sun - so that the overhang is actually blocking out the sun and the camera is only seeing the sun's corona and sky.

Start taping and let it run for 15 minutes to a half hour. When you view the tape, you might not see anything right away, or you might see insects and birds flying past the field of view. Use your video camera's or VCR's slow motion function on its slowest setting to view the video. If you're lucky, you will have captured a skyfish. If not, try again another time.

Using this method, many intriguing and utterly puzzling "sun entities" were captured on tape by one experimenter and can be seen on the "Entity/Rods/UFOs" website. These intriguing, often beautiful things, some seen in close-up detail, defy identification.

What Are They?

Strictly speaking, they are UFOs - unidentified flying objects. Apart from that, what skyfish really are is anyone's guess. Most likely they are cryptozoological creatures - animals that science has not yet identified or even recognized as being real. Some have suggested that they are alien creatures (might they even be on Mars?) or spiritual beings. Others say that, because the creatures are so elusive and ephemeral, they might be interdimensional creatures - zipping effortlessly between their dimension and ours.

We won't know what skyfish are until one can be captured for examination. But even that might prove fruitless. A person who has corresponded with José Escamilla claims to have captured a small skyfish and placed it in a jar. In this unverified case, before the specimen could be examined by a professional, the creature allegedly dissolved into a gel-like substance that quickly evaporated.

Send in Your Photos

If you are able to capture images of skyfish with your video or still camera, send them in to Paranormal Phenomena so we can share them with readers. And if you're lucky enough to capture one, try freezing it before it dissolves. You could be making scientific history.  

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