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Prove Your Powers of ESP
Readers liked last month's ESP test so much that we're providing 12 more chances to prove your psychic ability. "Guess" what the hidden images are and then record your score. Did you improve over last time?

READ THIS FIRST! Our last online ESP test was very popular and readers asked for more. So here it is - another test of your psychic ability. As in the last test, there are 12 trials here, and for each one an image has been hidden on the right side of the table below. (Watch your mouse! When you put the cursor over "REVEAL IMAGE HERE," the image will pop up.) On the left side of the table are the possible choices. Concentrate and try to "guess" what the image is before revealing it. At the end of the trials, you can calculate your score. Good luck!

Trial 1:
  • building
  • bathtub
  • blue whale
  • baby
  • broccoli
Trial 2:
  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Sun
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
Trial 3:
  • mailbox
  • fence
  • porch
  • shrub
  • window
Trial 4:
  • leopard
  • gorilla
  • tortoise
  • antelope
  • rhinoceros
Trial 5:
  • satellite
  • moon rover
  • Space Shuttle
  • Apollo capsule
  • space walk
Trial 6:
  • pinecone
  • fern
  • daisy
  • mushroom
  • leaf

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Have You Had a Paranormal Experience?
Send me your true tales of strange, unexplained, and paranormal experiences. E-mail them to me for inclusion in a future article or story archives. Or post your stories and comments about this article on the Paranormal Phenomena Forum.

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