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Test Your ESP
Do you think you have ESP - extrasensory perception? Here's another chance to test your powers of psychic clairvoyance.

READ THIS FIRST! Here's a fun, informal way to test your psychic ability. There are 12 trials here, and for each one an image has been hidden on the right side of the table below. (Watch your mouse! When you put the cursor over "REVEAL IMAGE HERE," the image will pop up.) On the left side of the table are the possible choices. Take your time, concentrate and try to "guess" what the image is before revealing it. As you go along, keep track of how many you get right, and at the end of the trials you can calculate your ESP score for significance. Good luck!

Trial 1:
  • horseshoe
  • rabbit's foot
  • four-leaf clover
  • charm bracelet
  • fortune cookie
Trial 2:
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Washington Monument
  • Devil's Tower
  • Fort McHenry
Trial 3:
  • pocket knife
  • key chain
  • wallet
  • stopwatch
  • address book

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Have You Had a Paranormal Experience?
Send me your true tales of strange, unexplained, and paranormal experiences. E-mail them to me for inclusion in a future article or story archives. Or post your stories and comments about this article on the Paranormal Phenomena Forum.

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