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Paranormal Poll: Results
What do readers think of ghosts, Bigfoot, ESP, life after death, prophecies, and Ouija boards? Here are the results of our recent poll.

The results are in! There was a terrific response to our first poll of opinions about various areas of the paranormal. Here are the questions and a tally of the responses:

1. Have you ever had a paranormal experience... an event you cannot explain?

These results – that 71 percent of respondents have had at least one unexplained experience – confirmed my suspicions that weird experiences are actually quite common. This does not prove that all of these experiences are truly paranormal in nature, only that they are perceived as such. But if only a small percentage of those yeses are real paranormal experiences, that’s evidence worth considering that there’s more to life than we can currently explain.

2. Which do believe to be true about ghosts? They are...

By far, respondents hold to the traditional belief that ghosts are spirits of the dead. Some respondents rightfully remarked that this question was not easily answered by checking only one box. For example, a spirit of the dead could also be in another dimension and/or an energy imprint. Interestingly, only 2 percent think ghosts are just hallucinations.

3. Which do believe to be true about Bigfoot? It is...

I was somewhat surprised that so many respondents (20 percent) do not believe that Bigfoot exists at all. An interesting follow-up question would be to find out what they think people are seeing when they report Bigfoot sightings. Considering that the mountain gorilla, so familiar to us now, was discovered only in the 1800s, perhaps it’s logical that so many (31 percent) think Bigfoot might be a rare ape of unknown species.

4. Do you believe some people have ESP (extrasensory perception)?

Respondents overwhelmingly believe that some people have powers of extrasensory perception.

5. Do you take seriously the prophecies of Nostradamus?

I wonder how much the failure of Nostradamus’s prediction of "terror from the sky" in August of 1999 (which he specified) contributed to the majority opinion that he’s not to be taken seriously?

6. Which do you think has the best chance of being proved to be real in the next 10 years?

The notion of aliens among us has become so predominant in our culture that a majority of respondents (47 percent) think that proof of their existence will surface within the next 10 years. Interesting to note that the second highest response (17 percent) do not think any of the creatures listed will be proved.

7. Which do believe happens when we die?

A resounding 90 percent of respondents believe in an afterlife. And for the choices provided, the responses were pretty evenly distributed. This was another one of those questions, however, when not just one answer might be applicable. Heaven or hell, for example, could be in another dimension.

8. Which do you think has the best chance of being developed within the next 10 years?

Respondents are hopeful about the development of anti-gravity devices and free energy, but a good 26 percent are skeptical about any of the technologies listed becoming reality within 10 years.

9. Which do you believe to be true about Ouija boards?

Two-thirds of respondents believe Ouija boards to be dangerous devices. A good follow-up might be to find out if this opinion comes from first-hand experience.

10. How to you think Ouija boards work?

Although most respondents believe the Ouija is dangerous, a majority (41 percent) also think they are controlled by our subconscious. Is it our subconscious that’s dangerous?

All in all, the results of this survey are quite interesting.  

Have You Had a Paranormal Experience?
Send me your true tales of strange, unexplained, and paranormal experiences. E-mail them to me for inclusion in a future article.

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