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A History Lesson

Tales of the Ouija
Sometimes it seems like a helpful tool, and other times it appears to be a gateway to more troubling and even sinister entities. Here are several true stories from Ouija users... just like you.
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The Entity Amanda and more Ouija stories

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"I had a birthday party. My friends went into the game room and said "Let's play [with the Ouija]!" We played for a really long time. My friend is really serious about it, so when I go to her house or vice versa we play. But recently, a spirit named Reed has been bugging us and we can't get rid of him. I don't know what to do and neither does she. He uses bad language with us all the time and lies constantly. We've asked him to leave us alone many times but he never cooperates."

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The Ouija Channels the Ghost of a Murderer
I never believed in any of this sort of thing until I saw it with my own eyes. In the fall of 1998, my friends and I spoke of doing a Ouija board. Skeptical as I was, I gladly accepted the opportunity. We did not have a board, and I didn't want to drive forever to look for one. So my friends and I made one. It was a piece of cardboard with the lettering on it. We even put the sun and moon in the top corners. For the indicator we cut out a triangular piece of cardboard, which had to be moved with force since it did not slide smoothly like the ones sold stores. Let me set the scene. We lived in Huntsville, Texas, and the day we decided to do it, Martin Gurule, a prisoner who was on death row for murder and had escaped, had just been found dead in the river not too far from my friend's house. The house was old and decrepit with a middle room that could have been a second living area, but at the time was being used for a bedroom. Ten of us gathered around the board in that room, the only light coming from a large cake candle we had. Now all night, a couple of my friends were saying, "Let's talk to Gurule." We sat around the board, and Tanner and Melissa were the only ones who were going to touch it. Tanner had never done anything like that, but Melissa claimed to have witnessed how it was done. They put their hands over the indicator and Tanner asked, "Are there any spirits out there tonight?" I know it's corny, but that's what somebody said he should say. Then the indicator moved. Now this was very shocking, because their fingers never actually touched the indicator. Each merely had their index and middle fingers hovering two inches above it. As soon as it moved (very slowly, I might add), it amazed everyone. The shock made those who were skeptical, like myself, at least curious and quiet. It moved to YES. From that moment, I only remember a few of the questions. I remember when Tanner asked, "What is your name?" It replied, "Used to be Gurule." At that moment I said, "That isn't how Gurule is spelled." I thought it was spelled Gurulli. Chad retorted and said that he had seen it in the papers and it was Gurule. Then some weird stuff happened. Tommy was sitting next to me and he nudged me. He said, "Did you see that?" Before I could answer, Chad said, "I saw it." Personally, I did not, but later they said the left side of the indicator picked up off the board and was dragging on the right. I did, though, see this amazing impossibility that made me believe even further. Their fingers were over the T, and the indicator quickly slid over to the A. Their fingers were still over the T on the other side of the board. They just pulled their hands away after they saw that. Now this whole time I felt claustrophobic and stifled. My chest felt compressed and there were lumps in my throat. Then we asked the question that verified that it was real. Shay was sitting on the bed, about four feet from the board. He said Martin Gurule went to high school in the Corpus Christi area, but he didn't know where. As he traveled a lot as a high school FFA officer, he knew most of the schools there. No one else that was there had ever been to Corpus Christi or knew anything about it. Tanner asked Gurule where he went to high school. The indicator slid to the R and then to the A, and Shay's eyes watered and he moved to sit right by the board and said, "No way." Then it went to the Y. Shay said, "The Ray Texans. It's a school in Corpus." This shocked everyone, and I think they all felt stifled in the same way I did. At this point Tanner ran into the kitchen and turned on the light. He had goosebumps, and his eyes were watering. He said (I remember it as if it were yesterday), "I'm not going back in there, Tommy. There was something around me in there." This house belonged to Tommy, so he said, "Well, go ask it to leave then, because if there is something in here, I want it to go." After he was coaxed, Tanner went in and asked it to leave. The indicator went to NO. He asked it again and he still replied NO. He asked a third time, and it went toward NO, then went to the middle of the board and stopped all movement. It would not move again. So we went to the back porch and we burned the board while some of us smoked. When we went inside, as soon as the last person entered the kitchen and shut the door, the pots fell off the counter and the pictures under the magnets on the refrigerator fell to the floor. Everyone was silent. Tommy and Shay slept in the other room that night, and took the deer heads off the wall. They didn't want them to talk to them in the middle of the night. I understand completely how the mind makes people think they see things they do not. But that night, there is no other explanation. No one in that room knew where Gurule went to school, and the only one who knew any schools in that area was sitting away from the board. It could not have just randomly gone to those letters. I got on the Internet and found out by the end of that semester that Gurule did attend Ray High School! Lots of strange things happened around that house after that night. I spent a lot of time over there, and screen doors would swing wide open and shut. The power breaker would flip on and off for no reason. They said the television would turn on and off. I know that it is possible that this could have possibly been explained, but that night was the only time I was absolutely sure that I had witnessed a supernatural phenomenon. - William S.

Little Boy Led to Rest
I used to live in a haunted house. In fact, we were in a book called The Pocono Ghost Book. A huge family was massacred by the Indians and their souls are still wandering. We had many, many experiences with the children of the family. We started using the Ouija board and I found a spirit, a little boy, who was killed with an axe by a man he thought was his father. A few years later, I decided to use my board again. The spirit located me again and led me to his grave. Interestingly enough, on the gravestone was a carving of a little boy with a man behind him, and behind the man, an Indian with what was probably their version of an axe back then. I believe the Indian killed the boy, but the boy thought it was his father. When I reported back to him, he seemed to be at peace with this information and I have never heard from him since. I've communicated with spirits for years, but this was the first "interactive" type of experience I ever had. - Rachel Thomas [Rachel Thomas is the About.com Guide for TV/Movies for Teens.]

Ouija Levitation
This happened when I was nine years old. I had spontaneously purchased a Ouija board from the toy store because it looked like an exciting game. I'd never heard of them before and had no idea what it was. Consequently, I was confused when I brought it home and my mother became very angry when she saw it. She said, "Those things are not toys. In fact, God forbids using them because they're considered a tool of sorcerers and black magic." I was raised in a very religious family. She didn't take it away from me, but I was scared to use it. A few months later, though, during summer vacation, my sister and I decided to take it out and give it try. The usual thing happened: nothing. My sister, who is four years older, then decided to try and contact my dead grandmother, Dorothy (called Dot), who died before I was born. We asked for our grandma and the board spelled out, HELLO GIRLS. Before I continue, it's important to understand how we were positioned in the living room. My sister was sitting on the couch and I was sitting on the edge of the coffee table. The board was between us on a large footstool. We'd been watching movies earlier in the day and there was an orange plastic bowl of leftover popcorn on the other side of the room on the floor. My back was to the bowl, but my sister could see it clearly. Anyway, I was about to ask "grandma" a question, when my sister took her hands off the planchette and screamed. She cried, "Oh my God!" and pointed over my shoulder. I turned around to see the bowl of popcorn hovering about two feet off the ground! For some reason, I was really mad. I knew it wasn't our grandma, but something else. The planchette was skidding across the board wildly with my hands still on it, so I took my hands off it and cried, "Knock it off!" The bowl flipped over and fell to the ground as popcorn scattered everywhere. The planchette stopped skidding and flipped itself over. I believed mom's warnings after that! My sister was so scared that she refused to ever touch a Ouija board again. I broke the board in two and threw it away right then and there. It was a little too weird for the both of us. I've played with Ouija boards since then, but nothing as strange as that has ever happened again. - LadyMasque

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