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The Christmas Ghost
It began as a relaxing if curious holiday vacation at a bed and breakfast with a reputation for being haunted. What Kathy Moll encountered there that Christmas season, however, would stay with her forever.
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"We work in a laboratory. We had an undergraduate student working in our lab. About 6 months ago, she was working late by herself (it was about 6 p.m.). All of a sudden, she went deaf in her right ear, and while she couldn't hear anything, she heard someone whisper her name very close to her ear. Then her normal hearing came back. Then about 2 weeks ago, I was working late by myself (it was about 6:30 p.m.). I heard someone throw a lot of glassware into a metal sink about 10 feet behind me. I assumed that someone from another lab came in and threw the stuff in there and then left. Nobody was there when I turned around and looked. But when I got up and went over to the sink, there was NOTHING in it!"
Working Ghost

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We are all very familiar with the ghosts of Christmas that Charles Dickens introduced to us in his classic story, "A Christmas Carol." In the Dickens story, only Marley's ghost and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come were foreboding, frightening spirits - ghosts of the type that Kathy Moll experienced during the 1999 Christmas season. Kathy and her sister Nanci and Nanci's husband Darryl were enjoying a pre-Christmas holiday at The Lauren Danielle bed and breakfast in Guthrie, Oklahoma when she encountered her own Ghost of Christmas Present. This is her true story:

I sensed something about the house when I first entered. The Lauren Danielle is a beautiful Victorian home with a colorful history. Built in 1890, the house was the home of Territorial Governor Renfro, Charles West, first State Attorney General, and later Chris Madsen, US Marshall, who used the basement as a jail (in fact, the iron bars are still intact on the windows). Listed in the National Register of Historic Homes, the wonderfully restored house is today a popular bed and breakfast in central Oklahoma, just north of Oklahoma City. On this occasion, innkeepers Cliff and Debi Judd had lavishly but tastefully decorated the home for Christmas.

But I was sensing more than the holiday spirit at The Lauren Danielle. Bear in mind that I already knew that there was a spirit cat in the house, due to the newspaper article my sister Nanci shared with me before our arriving. Debi Judd showed us around the home, beautifully appointed in period antiques. She let us take our pick of rooms. When I was offered the room downstairs near the stairs, I went to look at it. I could not even enter the room, however - the vibrations were very strong and territorial. I just stood at the door and looked in. Anyone else who did not have sensitivity to these types of vibrations would have seen a lovely room done up in golds and browns. I knew I did not want to be in there by myself. In fact, the only room I felt somewhat okay about was the room my sister eventually chose. So I took the adjoining room, which was pretty, but had a very heavy feeling to it.

The Black Entity and Lady in Yellow

After we had afternoon tea, I asked Debi about the spirit cat. This lead to a discussion about the different entities in the house. That conversation explained my feelings better. My sister Nanci did not want to hear what these entities were, but I asked Debi to tell me more. There was a male entity, she said. On one occasion she had seen him in the living room, dressed in black. She had thought her husband was standing behind her. She turned and looked right at this spirit. It then moved from behind her chair to the basement stairs and disappeared. She could only see the spirit from the knees up. (I have heard that spirits sometimes cannot manifest their full form due to the energy it requires.) Debi told us it was not a particularly good feeling that she got from this entity. Another spirit she saw was a woman dressed in a yellow ball gown. She also told us that people had fled their B&B in their pajamas from being so frightened.

I was a little unnerved when I went to my room (the Lord Sebastian Room - named after the family cat) to relax and get ready to go out for a play that Nanci, Darryl and I were going to attend that evening. A local theatre group was presenting a production of "A Christmas Carol," but set in the Western 1800s. I could not help the feeling that I was being watched while I dressed for the evening. The feeling was in the bathroom as well as the room itself. It was not a particularly threatening presence, but a very strong one nevertheless.

As I dressed and did my hair and makeup, I knew something was definitely with me. I finally finished and decided to lie down on the fainting couch for a few minutes and meditate. That helped a little bit, but I knew I was not alone. The feeling I had was of a jealous or envious projection, as if the entity longed for the corporeal body still.

We had a lovely dinner prepared by Debi and then went to the Territorial Christmas play. My sense of relief upon leaving the house was perceptible. My sensitivity is such that I have a hard time being around certain entities without it affecting me greatly. Perhaps if I were more skilled at handling the situations, they would not bother me as much. I certainly have had enough experience since I was a child.

But even they did not prepare me for the terrifying night I was about to have.

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