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Car Crash Video of a Ghost: Real or Fake?

Could this video of a "ghost" be the real deal?

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Video of a ghost walking away from a car accident.

What Is a Ghost?

A ghost is the spirit or soul of a living person.  Of course we don't have absolute evidence that ghosts really exist, but ghosts are a part of virtually every culture's folklore. While ghosts don't necessarily take physical form, many cultures describe experiences with visible manifestations of the dead. In some cases, ghosts are said to move, act, talk, and otherwise take part in human activities.

There are many different ideas about why a person might manifest as a ghost rather than moving on some other realm (heaven, hell, or nothingness). In most cases, people believe that ghosts manifest as a result of a sudden or tragic death because they have left "unfinished business" that must be resolved. 

Why Might a Ghost Appear (or Not Appear) on Video After a Car Crash?

Many descriptions of ghosts mention eerie lights, shadows, and other unexplained phenomena. Video and photography are essentially patterns of light and shadow captured on film or in digital form - so in theory it could be possible to capture an image of a ghost. If it were possible to capture such an image, it seems reasonable that a tragic car crash would be the ideal place for a ghost to manifest.

The reality, however, is that "ghostly" images have been faked since the invention of photography. It is extraordinarily easy to create a shadow, a patch of light, or an explained shape by simple manipulation of film or pixels. It's equally easy to unintentionally mistake lens flare or a reflection of an off-screen light for a ghost.

Car Crash Ghost Video

In this video, posted by ParanormalCamera, we see what appears to be news footage of the aftermath of a car accident. The introductory text says that it was a fatal accident in which two people were injured and one person died, and that it took place in central Spain. As the wrecked red car is being towed off the road, we see a transparent figure walking away from the car to the right.


There's not much that we really know about this footage, except that is does appear to be the aftermath of a car accident, and the license plate indicates that it is not in the U.S. But we do not know for certain if it took place in central Spain or whether anyone was actually killed in the wreck. We have only the introductory text's word for all that.

As for the "ghost", we can definitely see what appears to be an adult male figure, transparent, walking away from the red car to the right and off screen.

But the question, of course, is: Is it a real ghost? Or is it some kind of camera illusion -- or an outright hoax in which the figure was added with video editing software?

Because of the lack of information and detail about this video, I think we have to question its authenticity. But you might have a different opinion.

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