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Is Bigfoot Smarter Than We Are?



Again, Bigfoot has managed to escape the shutter of such hidden cameras. Can we therefore conclude that it is smarter than a human being?

By some indications, the Sasquatch is an intelligent primate, although how intelligent is not known. Obviously, it does not approach human intelligence, as we measure it. There are no Bigfoot-made towns, mills, writings or shoes. There may be use of primitive tools and possibly even language, but there's no conclusive evidence for those either. It doesn’t sound like he’s smarter than humans.

More than smart

Perhaps "smarter" isn’t the right word. Perhaps he's more aware – and I mean that in the largest possible sense. I mean it in terms of psychic awareness. I'm sure this idea turns some people right off, but, hey, it's just an idea, and I'm certainly not the first one to offer it.

It has been theorized that psychic abilities – or sixth sense – in humans may a vestigial remnant of the instincts our ancient ancestors once possessed. Virtually all animals are driven by instincts that, to a large extent, determine their behavior, and certainly our primate ancestors possessed them as well to be able to survive. As man became more intelligent, his instincts became less and less necessary. Man could figure things out for himself and didn’t need instincts as much to drive his behavior.

But did we lose something in the process? Is instinct merely programming in the genetic code? Or might it be something more – a connectedness to other living things and all living systems? Many animals seem to have this heightened awareness. They can sense when earthquakes are coming, for example. A lost pet retriever can find her way to her family over hundreds, even thousands of miles. The examples are endless and well-documented.

Psychic abilities in humans – from clairvoyance to remote viewing – might demonstrate that we can still tap into that connectedness and perform some remarkable feats.

Different evolution

Back to Bigfoot. Is it possible that this creature, which may be a divergent hominid species with which he share a common ancestor, has not only retained its primal instincts, but has evolved them into psychic abilities that surpass anything we can currently muster? As we evolved intellectually, perhaps this creature evolved psychically.

We evolved our intellect to survive and dominate. It may be that Sasquatch evolved its psychic senses to likewise survive in a world increasingly dominated by its clothed cousin who, year by year, encroaches more and more on its home forests. If it does have this heightened sixth sense, Sasquatch might "know" when and how we are trying to capture and photograph him. Even a hidden camera might retain enough of a human imprint that the creature can detect and avoid.

I have a feeling, however, that this psychic sense will not forever protect the Sasquatch. Sooner or later we're going to catch up with it and prove its existence definitively. When we do, I only hope we’re smart enough to respect it.

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