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Pennsylvania White Bigfoot video

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Pennsylvania White Bigfoot video
Christian E

Pennsylvania White Bigfoot video

Here is the information accompanying this video: "The owner's story is that he knew of sightings of a white Bigfoot-type creature in the area. When he heard a disturbance in his backyard of his wooded property, be brought a video camera and a flashlight out in hopes of catching the something on tape. When he heard the rustling of leaves in the distance he pointed his flashlight and camera at the spot, thus catching on creature on film. He claims he was 10 to 15 feet away from the creature. He says, 'I never really expected to catch anything like that on video.' The town has been confirmed as Carbondale, Pennsylvania."


You will see the creature at the :41 second mark. Here are the cons (suggesting a hoax) and the pros of it:


  • The guy who shot the video has remained anonymous -- always a red flag for a hoax.
  • He stops and points the flashlight and camera directly at the creature, as if he knows exactly where it is.
  • We cannot see the entire creature to fully judge whether this might be a costume.


  • The creature has an interesting look to it, not resembling a typical gorilla costume. If it's a fabrication, it is well done.
  • The way the creature moves away in a swift and fluid manner seems unhuman-like.

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