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Bigfoot Capture Claimed in Russia

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Video capture of an alleged Bigfoot in a cage

Bigfoot Capture Claimed in Russia

The video of a Russian news story covers the alleged capture of a Bigfoot. And there is the poor creature pacing around in a large cage behind the guy who claimed to have captured the beast. According to a translation of a Russian article...

"On December 28... the Military Border Control Federal Security Service of Ingushetia in the forest district of Ingushetia Dzheyrahskom caught a strange two-meter tall creature like Bigfoot, said the agency Interfax-South, Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Republic Bagaudin Marshani.

"A few days ago in near Dzheyrahskom, a hunter saw the creature grab a sheep and drag it into the woods. The hunter went after him, fired several shots, after which the animal jumped up on two feet and disappeared into the woods. Today, the border guards conducted a sweep of the area and found a strange animal.

"According to him, the creature was caught and brought to the zoo.

"'I can tell you that the animal is like a gorilla, about two meters tall, dark in color, presumably a female. It stands upright like a human, snarls, and produces strange sounds,' said the Minister.

"According to him, the animal is very frightened, eats mostly meat and vegetation."


Not at all convincing, is my immediate reaction. There are numerous giveaways that this is a hoax, and a poorly done one at that:

  • Although they have this thing caged, not once to they provide a good, clear closeup of it. It is only seen from a distance and in shadow. We can only assume this is because a close-up shot in good lighting would reveal the ape costume.
  • The creature looks and moves like a person in a costume.
  • It doesn't even look the claimed 6 feet (two meters) tall.

And if you think this is bad, take a look at this laughable video [note: video has been removed] that shows the hunter coming across the creature starting to drag a butchered sheep. The hunter fires his rifle and the creature hobbles away.

Really goofy.

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