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Possessed by Three Demons


Did Danielle contact demons?

Did Danielle contact demons?

A teenage girl's interest in the occult draws her into a dark vortex of evil and possession

Ouija boards... demons... possession... Satanism.... The words themselves strike fear in the hearts of many people - especially those with strong religious beliefs. Danielle is one of those people, yet in the span of a month, the curiosity of her youth drew her away from her church to what her faith would call the dark side. And the results, according to her sworn testimony below, would be devastating and terrifying.

Non-believers would say that Danielle's experience was strictly psychological in nature, a product of her deep-seated religious belief system. Believers, however, assert that everything she went through - and is going through - is all too real: that demons really are out there, waiting to possess the innocent.

Whether it is real or not is in some respects irrelevant. Danielle believes it to be real, and so its effects on her life are real. This is Danielle's story....

This took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at Springs Church. It all started around March, 2011 when I took up an interest in demonology. It didn't take long until the study had converted me from a Christian to a full-out Satanist. I had started attempting to summon demons and I never got a sign there was one there, so I bought a Ouija board.

On April 8, I used it to see if my promised Guardian Demon was there, and I remember the whole thing word for word, and here's how it went:

Me: Is there anyone else in this room with me who wishes to speak with me?

Ouija: YES.

Me: Holy - ! Are you good or bad?

Ouija: B.

Me: Ok.... Will you do anything to harm me or anyone?

Ouija: MAYBE.

Me: Alright then, how many spirits are here?

Ouija: 3.

Me: Okay, what are your names?


I thought perhaps it was just my imagination, so I decided to quit. Right as I was about to leave, I heard loud hissing from all around me...

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