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Exclusive Video! Exorcism in Islam

Watch this actual Islamic exorcism of an evil Djinn


Exorcism is Islam

The Djinn believed to possess this man fights against the exorcist.

~ M.M.
WE TEND TO think of exorcism as a strictly Christian practice. But that is not the case. Other religions around the world also have their rites for battling the demons they believe can possess human beings.

Our contact in the Islamic world, whom we will identify only as M.M., has provided us with this exclusive video of an Islamic exorcism, which took place in 2005.

M.M. gives us this information (translated from French):

"Exorcism in Islam consists of readings of the holy Koran and invocations accompanied by holy water (water over which the holy Koran has been read).

"The exorcist voices his readings while the patient in front of him remains unrestrained. The patient is a completely normal person, except he has been exposed to aspects of possession, which can often manifest physically or psychically.

Signs of possession

"He can live normally, go to work and study, but occasionally he falls into a kind of hysteria where paranormal phenomena manifest, including: speaking in a voice other than his; episodes of contractions and seizures; demonstrations of abnormal strength; telekinetic effects on near and distant objects.

"Having recognized these signs, which reveal a case of possession, the person or his family introduces the patient to an exorcist who can attempt to help the patient.

"There are the other signs in the patient that the exorcist recognizes as those of possible possession: migraines; insomnia; depression; dreams of wolves, dogs, blood, massacre or falling endlessly into a vacuum; physical reports of awakening the night with visions; feelings of a presence in the room or the bed; skin lesions; failure in work, studies or marriage, etc.

Power of the Djinn

"These people can suffer from harassment by these Djinns [Islamic demons], who attack them with a specific goal and for a specific cause. The Djinn's goal is to destroy the person's life and all that is good about it. One can say that the Djinn acts like a 'parasite' in order to destabilize his victim. Satan (Ibliss) is the master of demons, of the Djinns and of men who are devoted to him (even without them knowing it). They act for him. They mislead men in order to drive them to misfortune and even suicide.

"The exorcist does nothing but deliver these people with readings of the holy Koran and invocations in order to drive out these presences the patient's life or residence.

"In this video, at the end of exorcism the Djinn entity has been converted to Islam and thus will not inflict any more harm on the patient. By reciting the holy Koran, the exorcist knows that the entity was finally defeated, and while it refused to die, it embraced Islam. The exorcist offers these choices to the demon: to leave the body of the person, to become Moslem, or to die flaring inside the body."

(WARNING: May be disturbing to some viewers.)

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