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4 Scariest Predictions for Our Planet

Catastrophes that would forever change life as we know it


THE EARTH WOBBLES as it rotates on its axis. At least it used to. As of January 8, 2006, the wobbling has stopped, according to earth changes researcher Michael Mandeville. What will the effects be? No one knows. Maybe nothing.

But this startling anomaly reminds us of some of the radical geophysical changes that have been predicted for our beautiful little planet by prophets, prognosticators and even a few scientists. They're not very pleasant, and I'll leave it up to you how seriously you want to take them.

Pole Shift

It has long been known that the Earth's magnetic pole is not stationary - it wanders around. It also reverses. Scientific research has shown that the magnetic poles switch places every few hundred thousands of years. More radical thinkers, however, say that the Earth's physical poles have shifted significantly in the past - and will so again. They contend that the planet's crust floats on the liquid magma beneath, like the loose skin on an orange, and can slip position. In a pole shift, Antarctica, for example, could be on the new equator and the Amazon frozen on the new South Pole. Prophets Edgar Cayce and Ruth Montgomery foresaw such a pole shift. And this change can happen, according to Professor, Charles H. Hapgood, not over hundreds of thousands of years, but within days! The effects, as you can imagine, would be catastrophic for human civilization.

Meteor Strike

Most astronomers agree that the Earth will be struck by a large meteor or asteroid sometime in the future. It's not a matter of if, they say, but when. They don't expect one anytime soon, but some seers and channelers do. Lori Toye, for example, says she has received messages from four spirit beings that detail a devastating strike by a large meteor in Nevada. On her I Am America website, Toye specifies the horrific effects: drastically altered coastlines that put Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Houston, Miami and New York City underwater. Denver and Phoenix would become seaports. And that's just North America. Futurist Gordon-Michael Scallion has a similar vision of the Earth.

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