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Mystery Spots and Gravity Hills


There are dozens of mystery spots to be found around the U.S., and many more gravity hills - places where gravity itself seems to be warped. Our perceptions of up, down, straight and crooked are confused by what some say are powerful gravitational anomalies and dizzying magnetic vortexes. Is that the case, or are our senses being fooled by clever man-made and natural optical illusions?

Here are just some of the more well-known locations:

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The Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, CaliforniaThe Mystery SpotSpook HillSpook HillMystery Spot - St. IgnaceMystery SpotMystery Hill, Marblehead, OhioMystery Hill
The Oregon VortexThe Oregon VortexGravity Hill, Bedford CountyGravity HillGravity Hill, Franklin Lakes, NJGravity HillBlowing Rock Mystery HillMystery Hill
Cosmos Mystery AreaCosmos Mystery AreaGravity Hill, Salt Lake CityGravity HillMystery Spots and Gravity Hills - What's the Explanation?

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