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Fairies and Little People

Articles, information, stories and links about the elusive little people, the fairy realm, elves, leprechauns, gnomes and trolls.

Fairy Tale Phantoms
Do fairies, gnomes and goblins really exist? Suspend your disbelief for a moment, and consider these real-life encounters with creatures from the land of make-believe.

The Elusive Little People
Leprechauns... elves... fairies... they're all just characters of folklore, figments of the imagination... right? Amazingly, there are eyewitnesses who claim they are very real!

Sightings of Fairies and Little People
Sightings and encounters with fairies, elves, leprechauns and other wee folk have been reported for centuries. Are they imaginary or something real? Here are some reports.

Dead Fairy Photos: A Well-Crafted Hoax
A detailed analysis of the controversial pictures alleging to show the mummified body of a fairy creature.

Little People - Readers talk about Little People, Elves and Fairies
Readers describe their experiences and ideas about little people.

Contacting Fairies
Fairies are little beings that live on the Astral Plane, this site claims. They can come over, between planes, but it is much easier to contact them through the Astral Plane.

Elves: Do They Exist?
They are not seen as widely as Bigfoot and are usually relegated to legend, but many people really claim to have seen them.

All about these supernatural beings and spirits that, some say, reside in a place somewhere between earth and heaven. Others believe they are mythical beings possessing magical powers.

The Fairies of Doon Hill
Doon Hill and the Old Kirk in Aberfoyle, will forever be associated with the Reverend Robert Kirk, a priest who is more notorious for his belief in fairies than his Christian preachings.

The Fairy Compendium
A terrific list of fairies and other elementals, and their particular characteristics, including changelings, leprechauns, merrows, and many, many more.

Fairy Lore
What are we to make of these winged, ephemeral creatures that inhabit the hidden regions of the human psyche and the overgrown forests where our ancestors once worshipped their mysterious Old Gods?

A Guide to Irish Fairies
From the ancient tribes and kingdoms of ancient Ireland, whose religions worshipped the trees and lakes, come tales of such creatures as Dullahan, Pooka, the Banshee, the Merrows and more.

Invitation to Elfland
Elves and fairies are usually considered folklore, not real creatures. Moyra Doorly thought so until she had a series of unnerving encounters with the Little People.

Leprechauns, Pechs, Picts and Lost Races
The origins of the leprechaun legends in folklore, including its appearance and its popularization in modern culture. Were they real creatures?

The Leprechaun Watch
The leprechaun Irish fairy watch camera is in a hidden location in a field overlooking a fairy ring in Tipperary, Ireland.

Little People — Fairies & UFOs
Throughout the world and going back for centuries, and even to this very day, people of many different cultures have stories of "little people."

The Merry Nisse
Brad Steiger recalls his encounter with a nisse - an elf or brownie of Scandinavian origin. Are these little creatures guardians or demons?

You Never Want to Cross an Elf
Careless or disrespectful humans who trespass on forest glens, rivers, or lakes considered sacred to elves may suffer terrible consequences—even cruel deaths.

Fairy Party
Your True Tales of Fairy Party - February 2011

Freaky Fairies
Your True Tales of Freaky Fairies - April 2011

The Elf of Pymatuning Park
Your True Tales of The Elf of Pymatuning Park - May 2011

The Little People in the Mountains
The Little People in the Mountains - Your True Tales - November 2011

The Coin and the Little Man
The Coin and the Little Man - Your True Tales - November 2011

Gnome on the Dresser
Gnome on the Dresser - Your True Tales - December 2011

Knows About Little People
Knows About Little People - Your True Tales - January 2012

The Leprechaun of Parque Fundidora
The Leprechaun of Parque Fundidora - Your True Tales - April 2012

Little People Among the Flowers
Your True Tales of Little People Among the Flowers - February 2014

The Taunting Little People
The Taunting Little People: These tiny beings were up to no good

The Fairy's Promise
The Fairy's Promise: A young girl recalls her encounter with a fairy who made her a promise

The Wood Gnome
Chris and his girlfriend are out mudd'n when they spot a strange little man.

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