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Watched by Gnomes



This true story has a few parts to it, although I suspect that events will continue onward, if my hunch is correct. Time will tell.

In the summer of 2009, before my son was born (his birthday is in December), my wife and I were living in a condo style apartment. I was reading up on fairies and gnomes and the like at the time, as I always had a strong fascination for them. Well, what occurred then, has continued on into the present day.

One day, I remember looking out the window and watching the trees, something I often like to do (inside or outside), as I find the activity soothing. Now we were located on the second floor, with one below us and one above. Nonetheless, I had an exceptional view of the surrounding trees at mid level. Staring at one particular tree that hung over the storage sheds that afternoon, I noticed something very bizarre.

Seeing that there was no wind or breeze, I looked carefully and saw that one tip of a branch was swaying very peculiarly. It was a three-prong leaf hanging down, and it was moving back and forth in a very "violent" manner, which I found quite odd, considering the (lack of) wind was not affecting any other branch or leaves at all. It did this for awhile.

I called my wife over to look with me and she noticed it, too. When we pointed at it and wondered, it suddenly stopped! Now, this itself does not necessitate anything, perhaps, but the following true incidents do speak volumes.

A few weeks later, I remember walking into my bedroom to fetch something, and it was the early evening, if I recall rightly. Walking down the short hallway, I had the strange impulse to say the words, I am a gnome in my head. As I did so -- and I swear it is true -- I felt someone poke me in the back! Yes, exactly and precisely the sensation of a finger poke! It touched me in the lower back, and I remember the sensation perfectly.

Smiling at that and wondering, I went to the bedroom to retrieve whatever it was I was looking for, and I thought greatly on it.

A month or two later, something very interesting occurred. I remember suddenly waking up around midnight to a most interesting sensation. I felt someone was touching me in the back again. I was lying on my side with my back facing the wall.

Well, the oddest thing... I literally woke up smiling broadly and felt soothing, comforting waves of joy shoot up my spine. I woke up like this, and the feeling remained for a few seconds, as if making sure that I was fully awake so as to understand it was not "just a dream."

I swear this happened, and of course I instantly thought that it might have been the same being, or type of being that had previously poked me in the back a short while ago.

Fast forward a couple years to November, 2011, in our new house, with a four-month-old, beautiful daughter added to our family. I was changing my soon-to-be two-year-old son's diaper on the couch. It was late morning, perhaps 11 o'clock. Kneeling down and changing him, I noticed movement in my peripheral vision.

Staying still and peeking carefully, I saw it come into better view. Literally tip-toeing closer and closer, very slowly, was a tiny humanoid. It is very hard to describe, as he or she was very small, perhaps a foot tall. The entity appeared bald with a larger head in proportion to his body, and had no hands or feet from what I could see, though that is hard to say for certain.

Now here is what was odd. He did not seem to be in the physical dimension, for he was almost translucent. He appeared grayish in color and I could not see any facial features -- just a big egg-shaped bald head on a tiny body! I looked carefully as the creature approached, and I swear it was doing the classic, almost exaggerated tip-toe movement, carefully lifting a leg up each time and his arms suspended outwardly.

Suddenly, this creature realized that I saw him and -- I swear to God -- he stopped in dead motion and literally vanished. He was there one moment and gone the next. By that point, he was only two feet away from the tips of my toes, but off to the side.

Now I have thought hard as to what it was. I wish to stress that I felt curiosity from the entity and did not sense any hostility, nor did I feel any fear whatsoever. If asked to further describe this little fellow, I would say he looked quite much like the sort of famous picture of the "alien" or "gnome" in that picture in Chile in the park.

Was it a little alien spying on me? Was it a gnome? My wife swears she saw a similar entity, but he/she/it had a sandy-brown coloration. I told her of my incident the same day, and a couple weeks later she shared that she had seen a similar -- if not the same? -- being those handful of days later.

My guess? Is it the same being from the other apartment? I think so, or at least of the same "family" of creatures. What I can say for sure is that I did see a strikingly similar being with my own two eyes, and this series of events is one hundred percent true.

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