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Sightings of Fairies and Little People - True Stories


Sightings and encounters with fairies, elves, leprechauns and other wee folk have been reported for centuries. Are they imaginary or something real? Here are some reports.

Color Fairies

In 1996, a little girl has an encounter with a litte winged creature.

Dead Fairy Sighting

In the Philippines, Mary Ann sees something that she at first thinks is a toy, but then realizes it's not.

Death of a Fairy

In Dibling, Texas, a 16-year-old witnesses the horrible death of a creature she believes to be a fairy.

The Duende

Cousins see an elf-like creature around the rabbit cage.

Faery Friends

One moonlit night, Marlene says she called to the faeries, and they came to her.

Fairy Abduction

He wasn't little, this strange man Anya encountered, but she believes he was a fairy being, and he took her away.

Fairy Crashes into Window

Rain is at work when she hears a thump at the window.... and no it wasn't a bird.

The Fairy

In San Antonio, Texas, what Krystal first though were dragonflies turned out to be something more remarkable.

Fairy Encounter

This beautiful encounter with a faery or brownie took place on May 31, 2008 in Wyoming, Pennsylvania.

The Fairy and the Glove

In Minnesota, Sasha believes she heard a fairy humming.

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