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Ghost Audio

Voices and sounds of ghosts and spirits captured on audio, such as EVP.

All About Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
Otherwise known as EVP, electronic voice phenomena is the recording of mysterious voices from "beyond." Here's what it is, how it works and how you can experiment with it.

How To Record EVP
Step-by-step instructions for recording your own ghost evp.

The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded
Central New York Ghost Hunters capture a terrifying scene from the past

Contacting the Dead in the Electronic Age
Forget about Ouija boards, séances and spiritual mediums. The way to communicate with the dead in the 21st century is through electronics.

Edison and the Ghost Machine
In 1920, Thomas Edison claimed that he was working on a device that could be used to communicate with the dead. What happened to it?

EVP Gallery
Our collection of EVPs -- electronic voice phenomena -- from readers. Are they the voices of the dead... or something else?

EVP from readers
A collection of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recorded on ghost and haunting investigations.

EVP: A Need for Protocol
An open letter to ghost researchers from Stacey Jones, founder of Central New York Ghost Hunters: Ghost researchers, let's find a way to prove EVP.

EVP: Beyond White Noise
If electronic voice phenomena are the voices of dead people, what are the implications of the things they are saying – and the possible fate of some of us?

EVP: Holographic Imprints
What if electronic voice phenomena are not voices of the dead, but only multidimensional recordings of people who once lived?

EVP: How can I see?
While a reader is getting a psychic reading, a voice says "How can I see?"

EVP: The Next Level – Getting Proof
Many groups are experimenting with electronic voice phenomena (EVP), but now the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena is experimenting to validate the “ghost voice” mystery.

Candoey's Ghost Box Sessions
Candoey seems to get relevant responses on his ghost box.

Can You Hear the Strange Aussie Phone Message?
Can You Hear the Strange Aussie Phone Message?

Very Strange EVP
Very Strange EVP

Strange Aussie Phone Message
A recording of an Australian reader's phone message is very strange.

A Ghost Box for under $100 - Part 1 of 2
A Ghost Box for under $100 - Part 1 of 2

A Ghost Box for under $100 Part 2 of 2
A Ghost Box for under $100 Part 2 of 2

Paranormal Voice Mail
A reader going by the name Para2011 has posted several strange voice mails and recordings that he wonders are paranormal.

What do you think of the Paranormal Voice Mail recordings?
Readers are asked their opinion of the strange Paranormal Voice Mail recordings.

What should I do about an EVP?
Nikki asks what she should do about an EVP she captured on her video camera that freaked her out.

Is recording EVP dangerous?
Reader Lukas asks if the recording of EVP can be dangerous.

Is an iPhone an appropriate digital recording device?
James asks if an iPhone is an appropriate digital recording device for EVP.

EVP: How can I see?
While a reader is getting a psychic reading, a voice says "How can I see?"

Can I contact my relatives through EVP?
Samantha asks if she can communicate with her deceased father and grandmother through EVP.

EVP: Well, She's Up
A woman who lives alone records a clear male voice just after her alarm awakens her.

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