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What should I do about an EVP?


Question: What should I do about an EVP?

I was playing with my incredibly cute cat on my bed, and decided I wanted to make a video of her. She growls a lot when I tickle her, so I thought it would be cute to have it recorded. I turned on the camcorder from my cell phone and began to record her for about a minute and a half. I replayed the video to see how it came out, and approximately one minute and 20 seconds in, I clearly heard a male voice ask, "Who is this?"

I replayed it over and over again, and each time it came through clear as day. I even had my roommate listen to it, and he heard it without a question. Why would this gentleman be trying to make contact with me this way? What should I do from here? I'm really freaked out and am now afraid to sleep in my room. I'd also like to mention that a younger man died in this house a few years back, but this voice was clearly the voice of an older gentleman. Please help! I need advice.

-- Nikki


EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, is one of the most mysterious puzzles in the field of ghost research. Voices of unknown origin really do seem to appear on recordings, but no one can say with certainty where they come from or how they are recorded. We don't know if they are ghosts, interdimensional in nature, or psychic projections, to name a few theories.

The first step in to find out if you have a genuine EVP. You mentioned you asked a friend to listen to it, but play it for several more people -- even people you don't know that well, or you know to be skeptical, and without telling them what you think it says, ask them what they hear. (If you can, send it to me; I'd like to hear it, and I'm sure other readers would, too.) Hopefully, it is a clear, Class A EVP because many times external noises can be misidentified as voices and words. (There are several classes of EVP, the best being Class A for a clear, distinct voice with an unambiguous message.) If most people agree that it does sound like a voice and agree with what you believe it is saying, then you might have a genuine EVP.

So what should you do? If this is just a one-time, isolated incident, you don't need to do anything, nor should you be afraid. It's just a harmless unknown and it is unlikely that you have a ghost in your house.

If, however, you have experienced other paranormal activity -- such as poltergeist-type activity, shadow people, apparitions, or other mysterious goings-on -- then you might consider having an investigation done. If you are so inclined, you can make more recordings to see if the voice re-appears. Try asking questions and wait for possible responses. More than likely, you will not get another EVP from the same voice.

The biggest mistake people can make in this situation is to be afraid; they end up scaring themselves for no good reason. In the vast majority of cases, paranormal phenomena is nothing to be afraid of and can cause no harm or injury; they are merely mysterious incidents for which we do not yet have good explanations.

Go back to sleeping in your room; no harm will come to you. But if you're curious, try more EVP experiments. Let us know if anything further happens.

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