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Paranormal Videos

Videos from readers of ghosts, shadow entities and other unexplained things.


Here you'll find our gallery of videos submitted by readers of anomalous images, which could be ghosts, shadow beings or other inhabitants of the realm of the unexplained.
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Russian Exorcism VideoRussian Exorcism VideoIslam Exorcism VideoIslam Exorcism VideoChild Voice EVPChild's Voice EVPMaggie EVPMaggie EVP
EVP GrowlEVP GrowlOffice OrbsOffice OrbsSpirit OrbsSpirit OrbsMuseum Shadow PersonMuseum Shadow Person
Running ThingRunning ThingMystery flyerMystery FlyerRussian Exorcism - March 2007Russian Exorcism - March 2007Flitting SpiritFlitting Spirit

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