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Paranormal Videos


YouTube and reader-submitted videos

1. Best Ghost Videos Ever Taken

Best Videos: Disneyland Ghost

Good videos of ghosts are the "Holy Grail" of ghost investigation, but they are extremely difficult to get. Yet these videos rank high as being authentic and truly mysterious. They are the best ghost videos ever taken.

2. Ghost Videos from Around the World

Del Mar shadowman
South Coast Paranormal
With the widespread use of video cameras, cell phone video and surveillance video, more and more videos of possible ghosts are surfacing. Here are several for your review.

3. Bigfoot Videos

Ukraine Bigfoot
A collection of videos that might show the creature known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunkape or Yeti.

4. Paranormal Videos from Readers

Russian Exorcism - March 2007
~ Eugene Safronov
Videos from readers of ghosts, shadow entities and other unexplained things.

5. Paranormal Videos from YouTube

Black Forest Orb
~ Steve Lee
Videos of ghosts, haunted houses, creatures like Bigfoot and more.
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