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Paranormal Voice Mail

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Paranormal Voice Mail

Paranormal Voice Mail

This is a video recording of a very strange voice mail received by a reader by the name of Para2011. He and other members of his family have recorded several similar calls and messages they have received on their home and cell phones.

"So far, three lines (possibly four) have had this stuff going on, ranging from intelligible creepy voice mails to voices breaking into live cell phone calls," he says. Para2011 has found these so disturbing he has created an Internet forum to document the phenomena and to encourage discussions and posts from others who might be experiencing something similar.


Yes, those recordings certainly do sound creepy and puzzling, but the question as far as we are concerned is: Are they paranormal?

Here are the possibilities:

  • It's a hoax. I do not think Para2011 is hoaxing this; I believe he is sincere.
  • It's a prank perpetrated by someone else.
  • It's a phone network error, crossed lines, or some other kind of technology difficulty.
  • Electronic voice phenomena (EVP); it does not sound like conventional EVP, nor can we distinguish any specific words or messages.
  • It's a ghost or evil spirit (which arguably is different than a demon; see below).
  • It's demonic. Here's why I don't think it is demonic:
    • As readers of this website know, I don't buy into the whole "demonic" thing; I don't think there is any good evidence for the existence of demons.
    • The recordings sound like the stereotypical demon voices we hear in the movies; if demons do exist, who says they would really sound like this?
    • If demons do exist, why would they make prank phone calls? It doesn't make sense.

The only way I can see that this could be paranormal in nature is that it is a form of poltergeist activity -- I kind of involuntary psychic interference caused by a person in the household. If this is the case, there might be other instances of poltergeist activity, apart from the phones, and will probably subside after a week or so.

My bet is either on this being a prank by an outsider or technology gone awry, with the poltergeist effect being a distant third possibility.

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