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How do I communicate with a ghost?


Question: How do I communicate with a ghost?
"My wife and I live in a 16 x 80 mobile home that we bought new in 1995 and no one has died in it," says David. "Once in a while I have been awakened by the sound of the floor creaking just out side our bedroom. I have checked the house not to find anyone. I have been awakened to a young girl laughing very loudly. It sounds like it is coming from our living room. I was wondering if there was a way that I could try to communicate with the little girl or tape or record this to see if it is just me dreaming or that there is something going on."
Answer: David, we always begin assessing such experiences by trying to debunk them; in other words, looking for logical explanations. The creaking you hear might be the natural sounds of a home -- even a mobile home -- as it undergoes expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. The home is heated all day in the sun, causing it to expand a little. Then at night when it cools down, it contracts, causing the familiar creaking sound. That's why we often hear houses creaking at night. I hear this kind of noise in my house all the time.

Regarding the laughter of the little girl, you failed to mention whether your mobile home is isolated or is located in a community of other mobile homes. If the latter, is it possible that you are hearing the laughter of a neighbor?

For the sake of argument, let's say you have eliminated, as best you can, all logical explanations for your experiences. What should you do? You mentioned an idea in your own question: Try to record it. Get a digital or cassette recorder, set it to record, and just keep it on when you go to bed. Then in the morning rewind it and listen to it to see if you have recorded the laughter or any other anomalous voices or noises. In this way you'll have some recorded evidence to deal with. If you're so inclined, you can also keep a written journal of your experiences. The more you document, the better.

So what do you do with the documentation? If your documentation begins to convince you that you really do have ghost or haunting activity in your home, you have a few options:

  • Ignore it, since it seems to be harmless (except that it may be disturbing your sleep). In this way, you're accepting the presence, and you'll probably find that it will just go away after a little while.
  • You can tell it to go away. Tell it, out loud, that its noises and laughter are disturbing you and that you want it to be more respectful and to be quiet when you're trying to sleep. You may feel silly talking out loud to "no one" like this, but sometimes it really works.
  • If the activity gets worse, consider contacting a paranormal research group in your area to investigate. They may have some other ideas. And here's where your documentation will be helpful.
Hope you figure it out!

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