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All in One Ghost Hunter App

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All in One Ghost Hunter App

All in One Ghost Hunter App

Gregory Pothier

The Bottom Line

This app is a big disappointment. Only one of the five features (EMF meter) works well. The other features are virtually useless. Not worth the 99 cents.


  • EMF meter seemed to be more sensitive than my K-II meter.


  • Scanner gives false warnings.
  • EVP Detector did not work as advertised; never played any sounds in real time.
  • Spirit Board only gives Yes / No answers.
  • Map function did not work; inadequate haunted sites.
  • Not worth the 99 cents.


  • Provides several ghost hunting functions in one app.
  • For Android devices.
  • Price: 99 cents.

Guide Review - All in One Ghost Hunter App

This Android app offers five different ghost hunting tools in one app:

  • EMF - Uses your smartphone's built-in magnetometers to detect EMF (electromagnetic fields), which some believe can indicate the presence of ghost energy.
  • Scanner - Uses EMF readings, barometer and microphone to give you a graphical display, including "warnings" of paranormal activity.
  • EVP Detector - Uses the microphone to pick up sound and play back results in real time.
  • The Spirit Board - A Ouija type board that answers questions.
  • The Map - Shows haunted locations in your surrounding area.

Yes, there are several functions. Unfortunately, only one of them works well:

  • The EMF meter is the only part of the app that seems to work as advertised: it picks up nearby electromagnetic fields and indicates them on the display. It actually seemed to be more sensitive than my K-II meter.
  • The Scanner just seemed silly. Its "detections" seem totally random and I received several red "warnings" of paranormal activity as I sat at my desk writing this.
  • The EVP Detector seemed totally useless. It appeared to be picking up my voice and ambient sounds, but nothing ever played back in real time, as it is supposed to do. I left it running for awhile and had the sound turned up, but I never heard anything. Also, it does not record anything, so there's nothing to play back and listen to.
  • The Spirit Board only points to Yes or No -- randomly, it seems.
  • The Map function did not work right either. It is supposed to use your device's GPS and Google Maps to display a map of your location, but the map never appeared on my screen. Layered on this are supposed to be icons that indicate haunted places. These do show up, if you zoom out far enough, but there are only a few places listed, making this virtually useless.
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 5 out of 5
Seems Accurate, Member Xiu35

Unlike review posted above I've had much success with this app and would recommend it for ghosthunting fun

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