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Faces from Beyond: An Interview with Orion Silverstar


Orion Silverstar ITC picture - 1

One of the mysterious faces Orion has photographed.

Orion Silverstar © 2012, used with permission

Orion answers questions about this methods and how he achieves such success

HAVING EXPERIMENTED WITH Instrumental Transcommunication myself (the feedback loop kind), I was intrigued by the photos that Orion Silverstar has been posting on Facebook. Many showed surprisingly clear and somewhat eerie faces, and I was curious about his methods. I also wanted to ask him about doubts and criticisms he must have certainly have received about the pictures. This is my interview with Orion.

Q: How did you get started with Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)?

First, I just want to say that I am fully grounded in other forms of communication well before I decided to work with ITC and still are.

I cannot remember how I first started to show an interest in the EVP (electronic voice phenomena) side of ITC, but it was EVP that first interested me. I remember a few years back doing my first recording, all I got was muffled sounds... I did not let this stop me. After about a month of getting nothing coming through, I started to hear what sounded like a faint voice. Then after a few weeks it became more clear and I could hear words, then sentences. I decided to ask questions, and to my surprise I received answers to my questions. The voices commented on my animals and things in my personal life and more, and I still have the recordings.

It got to the point at one time where every time I was doing a recording I was getting many voices talking over the top of each other, as if they all wanted to talk at once. I have voices calling my name and voices calling for my help. This has not changed to this day. So after a few years of working with EVP with just a digital recorder, which is all I use to this day, I started exploring other areas of ITC I found a website on receiving images of faces and more through water, light, and video camera, which I found very interesting, I decided to give it ago.

Just like EVP recordings, it was a slow start for me without results. I had seen other ITC researchers results, so I was not going to give up. It was a few months later when I started to see what looked like faces showing through the water. From that day on I have had some amazing results, not just with the water / light reflection method of ITC, but also through video feedback loop, spectrogram, EVP, and more.

Q: You're getting some very interesting pictures. What is your method of taking them?

These days I use a few different methods of ITC. Instrumental Transcommunication covers a vast area, which includes almost anything to do with electronics, where it is believed another intelligence outside of our own is communicating to us. I have mentioned some of the methods I use above. For more information in detail of how to get the best results with using these methods, readers may contact me at my Facebook page or through my website.

In all of these ITC methods, I get results, some better than others. A lot of people ask me, "What method are you using?" and "How do I get the same results?" I explain to them that I can show them how to get the best results from these methods. That does not mean they will get these results as it does not depend on just the method but also the person involved, their frame of mind, why they want to get results, motivation, motive behind it -- and those on the other side if they want to communicate in the first place.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

What I use is very simple. I see a lot of people go out and buy expensive equipment. I use a TV, computer monitor, digital camera, microphone, phone answering machine, video camera with stand, leads, different (what I call) scrying vessels filled with water, E.M.F detector, dowsing rods, smart phone, and first and foremost, my own spiritual gifts and abilities they have given me (mediumship). I also might add that I use different software, such as Wavepad sound editing Software or video editing software to go through my filming.

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