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There's a world that exists beyond this one. Here you'll find haunted places, true ghost stories, ghost photographs and video, tips for ghost hunting, plus information on life after death, reincarnation, past lives and more.
  1. Ghost Photos, Audio and Video
  2. True Ghost Stories
  3. Ghost Hunting
  1. Haunted Places
  2. Poltergeists and Shadow People
  3. Life After Death

Ghost Photos, Audio and Video

The Brown Lady

If seeing (and hearing) is believing, these photos, recordings and videos will give you plenty to consider.

True Ghost Stories

Ghost sightings have been reported since the beginning of recorded history. These are true stories of encounters with spirits, apparitions and other unexplained entities.

Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunters

Ghost research and ghost hunting is more popular than ever. Here's information on research, past and present, as well as techniques for spirit detection.

Haunted Places

Haunted house

Open this door to some of the spookiest, creepiest places in the world. You'll venture into haunted houses, ships, lighthouses and other areas where logic fails and the unknown resides.

Poltergeists and Shadow People

All about those dark shadowy entities and the things that move and touch.

Life After Death

What happens after we die? That's the eternal question, but many think there might be answers. Here's information on the afterlife, reincarnation, past lives and more.

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