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The House of Restless Nights


A true story of nightmares, ghosts and unsettling disturbances in a haunted house

Paranormal researchers have long wondered why ghosts seem to be attracted to certain locations. It's not unusual that when a ghost is detected in a house, the presence of more soon follow. It may have something to do with the history of the house or the perhaps the geology of the land on which the house stands. No one knows for sure. But those technicalities are of little concern to the homeowners who are confronted with the haunting. For Ryko, his ghost experiences began with what he thought was a nightmare. When other friends described the same distinctive-looking apparition, however, he realized he had a genuine haunting on his hands - by not just one, but three spirits. This is Ryko's story....

I bought the house in Ohio in 2000 with my wife. On occasion we used to hear some footsteps that sounded like they were on the roof. Weird, right? I thought it was animals, so I laughed and wrote it off. We would also hear piano music from upstairs on occasion in the same vicinity where the footsteps were.

Around 2001 we were sleeping upstairs in the bedroom when I awoke between 2 and 3 a.m. to the apparition of a 30s-something man with spiky blond hair, dressed in all white, pale complexion, standing over my wife and staring at me with his arms out, like when you're about to scare someone when sneaking up to them. Then he began to hiss at me and showed his teeth. I immediately jumped out of bed and turned on the light. My wife jumped up and asked what had happened. "I just had the worst nightmare a man can ever have," I told her.


Four years passed and, long story short, I left my wife. After she moved out and my young girlfriend moved in, the harmony of the house changed drastically. It was in 2004 when my girlfriend stayed over for the first night ever, and my cousin was moving in and spent his first night over, too. When we woke up in the morning, she was shaken up and told me she had this nightmare. She said she woke up in the middle of the night and a man was on top of her while she was lying on her back. She could not move. She looked over at me and I was sound asleep. She looked up at the face and the man was staring at me and pinning her down.

When she told me what he looked like, my jaw dropped: blond, spiky hair, pale complexion, and he wore all white. I instantaneously remembered the nightmare I had in 2001. She flipped out on me. "When were you going to tell me your house was haunted?!"

Later that day I was sitting on the porch and my cousin came home. He had a bad day at work and I told him, "Sorry, but things may be getting worse. We may have a paranormal situation."

"I know," he replied. While he was asleep on the couch about 2 - 3 a.m., he woke up because he saw a man across the living room, standing near my bedroom, leaning against the mantel and staring toward my door. He disappeared after a few seconds. I asked my cousin to please describe what he looked like. Without giving him any leading information, the first thing he said was he remembered he had blond hair.


This is when it all started. We started hearing very pronounced footsteps at night. Household items would be out of place or knocked over. One room was completely shut off from my dog or anyone during the day, and it was completely in disarray when I came home from work. For two to three months, my girlfriend refused to even visit the house, let alone sleep there. My cousin also packed up his stuff and found an apartment.

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