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Strange Happenings



When I was younger and lived with my family, I occupied the front, right corner room of the house. I slept in a white bed with four posts. The bed was made by our neighbor across the street. He made it by hand.

One night, as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, I started hearing odd things. I usually have trouble going to sleep, so I was lying there for a couple of hours, with no luck. I started hearing this noise in my right ear. I was sleeping on my left side. The noise reminded me of lying beside someone who is asleep, breathing through their mouth. I thought it could be the air conditioner, but that was on the back side of the house. Also, the sound was very clear, and my windows weren't open. After hearing this sound for a number of minutes, I started getting nervous. It was like someone was breathing in my ear. I hadn't moved since the noise started.

A little later on, the bed itself started to make a noise. It started making loud popping noises, like the slats that run the width of the bed underneath, to hold the mattress even, were breaking. This went on for about five minutes. After that, and not moving the rest of the night, I finally fell asleep. I wondered if it could have anything to do with my neighbor, who made the bed, dying about three months earlier.

In the house I live in now, my TV was playing while unplugged. Doors swing open and then closed by themselves. And every once in awhile, as I am falling asleep, I get jarred awake. When I'm at the point in between being awake and asleep, something can happen. I've been shaken, felt like I was slapped in the face (no pain upon fully waking up), and once it felt like someone pushed me down hard and quickly by both of my shoulders as I was lying on my back.

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