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Haunted Switch



I along with my husband and children have lived for years now in a haunted house in Gray Summit, Missouri. I love this website because it relieves me to know that there are others out there also experiencing frightening things.

My husband worked a second shift for years, and this was hard for me. At night alone on the first floor I would hear voices and things moving, and my dogs would cower and cry with me on the bed. Charlie, my husband, denied experiencing things for a long time, but then he had to admit that damned if there wasn't something spooky going on.

A good example of this was a light switch we had on the stair landing.(First of all I should tell you that this house was built in the 1840s by a German immigrant whose family died in a epidemic of some sort and he, being broken-hearted, moved back to Germany. The house was a stop on a stagecoach line that ran down Manchester Rd., it being the only road out of St. Louis that does not cross a river, even now. It took all day for the stagecoach to come from Ellisville Mo. to here. Now it takes about twenty minutes).

When we bought the house it didn't have a bathroom, a hot water heater or kitchen cabinets; basically it had no modern additions to it. It had WW1 wiring that had to be replaced. The outlet/switch boxes were just stuck on the walls, not recessed liked modern ones. The wiring was running down the walls. It was not a pretty sight.

Well, Charlie got all the outlets and light switches replaced and inside the walls -- except one. He forgot the one switch on the stair landing. Because I had a table with lamp on the landing in front of the switch, he didn't feel it needed to be done right away, so he moved on to other projects. Me being alone at night would hear someone on the stairs turning the old-fashioned switch on and off. It terrified me and I would cower under the covers or lock myself in the bathroom until he got home. Charlie always said I was hearing something else and just thought it was that switch. But those ancient switches had a very unique sound.

After years, Charlie asked for and received a new position on the day shift in 1995. Yippee! On his first night home with me in bed reading a book, the stair sounds started and the light switch went on and off. Poor Charlie, he went white and looked at me with a slack jaw and bulged eyes. I almost felt sorry for him. By this time I had gotten so used to it that I just ignored it. He said, "There's somebody on the stairs." I said, "No, you just think there's somebody on the stairs, but you're really hearing something else."

He sat there and looked at me for several minutes and then went to sleep without another word. The next morning, bright and early, he changed that last switch and we never heard that sound again.

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