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Haunted Farmhouse

BY L. M. G.


This is a true story that was told to me by my great Uncle Lee. Directly after World War I, Uncle Lee and two of his good friends, who were twins, a girl named Sandy and a boy named Robert, decided to all move into an old farmhouse out in the country of Arkansas. They were all maybe in their late twenties and were hoping to escape the politics evident in the big cities.

There were three bedrooms in the house. Two were located upstairs and one downstairs. The master bedroom was upstairs and had a great big window with stained glass trimming that looked out across the large backyard and into the woods.

The friends flipped a coin as to see who would get the master bedroom and Sandy won it. Uncle Lee ended up in the small bedroom downstairs.

The first week was going swimmingly for my Uncle Lee and Robert, but the two took notice to Sandy's odd behavior. She seemed to be growing distant and bags began to appear under her eyes as if she wasn't sleeping well. She seemed to jump at every little sound and would snap and lash out at the boys for no reason.

Eventually Sandy announced she would no longer be sleeping in the master bedroom so Uncle Lee said he would take it and Sandy would take his room. That first night, Uncle Lee found out why Sandy didn't like the room.

Uncle Lee had moved all his things upstairs and snuggled down into the big king-sized bed that could only fit in that room. He fell asleep smiling, delighted by Sandy's sudden relinquish of the best room in the house.

It was the dead of night when Uncle Lee awoke with a start. He claims the room was pitch-black, but vibrating incessantly, as if he awoke at the end of a very long and loud scream. He hadn't heard anything, but the vibrations told him something drastic had just happened. That's when he heard a loud bang coming from the wall next to his head.

There was nothing on the other side of the wall except for the outside. Then another bang resounded, but it came from the ceiling (there was no attic; the two bedrooms upstairs technically composed the attic), and yet another bang resounded from the opposite wall.

The scariest thing that happened was the dresser toppling over by itself and the mirror crashing to the floor with nobody having touched it. That was just the first night and the next morning. A very shaken Uncle Lee relinquished the room to his friend Robert.

Lee and Sandy gave each other knowing looks from across the kitchen at each other, but neither said anything about the room to Robert. Robert stayed in the room nearly two weeks, longer than any of them, until one night when they heard a terrified scream and then stomping all through the house, with the door eventually slamming shut.

Sandy and Uncle Lee woke up to find Robert had run screaming from the house and refused to come back in. Sandy and Lee decided it was time to have a serious talk about what was going on. They compared stories and Sandy's was only slightly different. She, too, felt something was "screaming" in the room and awoke every night to the strange vibrations. But she also heard what sounded like soft footfalls walking round and round her bed.

She claimed there was some strange "catlike thing" in there, too. The two avoided the room like the plague for as long as they could until money started to get tight and they decided they needed a roomate to help with the finances. Sandy eventually found a young, laid-back and very genuine youth who seemed like a prime candidate for a roommate.

He seemed somewhat fearless as well (a must in the current situation) as he had traveled on his own for most of his young life. He moved into the "screaming room" (as the others had dubbed it, unbeknownst to him. of course) and things seemed to calm down after that. The young man never complained and seemed right at home. Sandy and Uncle Lee began to relax.

Fast forward a few months and the two began to take notice of a growing odd behavior in their new tenant. He seemed to become withdrawn and depressed. His skin began taking on a grayish appearence and his eyes had a yellow tint to them.

Sandy suggested he visit the doctor one time and the young man simply stared at her. The young man began spending more and more time in his room until it got to the point where he never came out at all... not even to eat or bathe.

After not seeing him for four days, Uncle Lee went to go check on his roommate and to his horror found the young man hanging from the ceiling by a rope. The stench told him he'd been there for far too long and his room was in disarray: clothes, boxes, books, sheets and pillows thrown all about.

My Uncle Lee said after that they ended up moving out immediately and moved in with Robert on the other side of town. He says that's by far the weirdest thing that has ever happened to him. He has also stated that the house is no longer there and is just a big overgrown field. Thank goodness.

Even writing this story gave me the chills, and I know he would never make something like this up.

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