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Haunted Theaters

Take a front-row seat for this gallery of theaters and their ghosts.


Talk to almost anyone who has worked in almost any theater for any length of time, and they will very likely have a story about unexplained goings-on. Ghosts seem to like theaters. Perhaps many theaters are thought to be haunted because of their cavernous structure and acoustical design that amplify every sound: in a quiet, empty theater, the gnawing of a mouse becomes the sound of an actor's spirit traversing the stage, or the knocks and creeks caused by the natural expansion and contraction of its many parts is thought to be a deceased crewman still hammering together a set. Then again, perhaps because a theater is a place of drama and every emotion, that those feelings are in a sense captured by the building and re-enacted even when the stage lights are off, resulting in a residual haunting. Certainly, there are many theaters where poltergeist activity and even apparitions have been encountered again and again. Here is a look are some of those theaters.
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Pittsburgh PlayhousePittsburgh PlayhouseLandmark TheaterLandmark TheaterBird Cage TheaterBird Cage TheaterFord's TheaterFord's Theatre
Empress TheatreFort Macleod, AlbertaTheatre Royal HaymarketTheatre Royal HaymarketCincinnati Music HallCincinnati Music HallBristol Opera HouseBristol Opera House
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