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Bijou Theater Ghost Video

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Bijou Theatre Ghost

Bijou Theater Ghost Video

In July, 2006, the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society (ETPRS) was investigating the Bijou theater in Knoxville. Possible paranormal activity had been reported in the ladies room. They recorded no EVP, but a high-definition video camera caught a possible anomaly. Something white swipes across the bottom of the screen, seems to change shape, appears to cast a reflection on the stalls in the background, then moves out of frame. ETPRS offers the theory that it might be a ghost.


The most intriguing thing about this video is that the white thing seems to change shape. But this is not enough to convince me that this is a ghost. The apparent change in shape could be an illusion, especially in the thing itself is a reflection of some kind. What is suspect, too, is that the object seems to be coming from the video operator. Is it possible that it is a piece of clothing or something else the operator is carrying? If so, I do not think this is a deliberate hoax on the part of ETPRS, but an inadvertent mistake. What do you think?

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