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More Amazing Coincidences



In 1899, while touring Texas, Canadian actor Charles Coghlan fell in and died in the city of Galveston. His body was placed in a lead coffin, which was sealed and the interred in a vault.

A year later, a severe hurricane hit Galveston, causing much destruction, including the cemetery where Coghlan was buried. His coffin was washed out of the vault and out of the cemetery by the raging waters and was carried out to sea.

The coffin drifted for years on the ocean currents, out of the Gulf of Mexico, along the Florida coast, and into the Atlantic Ocean where the Gulf Stream carried it north. Coghlan's body had drifted more than 5,600 miles when it was finally discovered in 1908 by fisherman on the shores of Prince Edward Island -- Coghlan's home! His body was reburied in the churchyard of the parish where he was baptized.


This story will make you wonder if the idea of a tulpa is a reality. A tulpa is a thought form -- an object made real simply because it is thought of or meditated upon.

Consider the experience of Barry Smith, who was attending a fancy dress ball at the behest of a friend. Before the dance he went with his friend to a restaurant for dinner. Afterward, when he was changing out of his dinner jacket, he noticed that his gold pen was missing, and he was sure that he had it with him during dinner.

A thorough search did not turn up the pen, so he went back to the restaurant and described it to the staff: it was a gold Schaeffer pen inscribed with his name, "B. Smith." Barry was quite pleased when one of the staff said they had found it and it was returned to him.

That evening, as Barry was packing his bags to return home, he found his gold Schaeffer pen -- another one inscribed with "B. Smith" -- in the bottom of his bag! So where did the one in the restaurant come from and to whom did it belong? Barry returned the one to the restaurant, but it was never claimed. Was the duplicate pen somehow manufactured out of thin air, or was this just some bizarre, unexplained coincidence?


Several people have told me about experiences similar to the one that follows, and makes us wonder if they are premonitions or if there is a "glitch in the Matrix" that has been corrected.

In Florida on May 13, a woman bank teller greeted a customer she had known for quite some time with a congratulations. She had seen the article about his daughter's engagement in the May 9 edition of the Sunday paper. She even remarked at what a lovely photo it was of his daughter that accompanied the announcement.

One small problem: there was no such announcement. Not yet. The announcement did not actually appear in the paper until May 23. Yet the woman was able to describe the man's daughter exactly from the photo she had seen (she said she did not even know that he had a daughter until she saw the announcement) as well as the precise placement of the article in the paper -- all of which came to pass ten days later on May 23.


I had my own puzzling Matrix glitch a few years ago. I have always been a big fan of the work of Ray Harryhausen, a master of stop-motion special effects in such movies as It Came from Beneath the Sea, Jason and the Argonauts, Mysterious Island, and the original Clash of the Titans, among many others.

I was saddened to see a report of his death on a television program, which gave a retrospective of his amazing work.

One big problem: Ray Harryhausen is still alive. So what was that obituary report that I saw?

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