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Living Dinosaurs

Sightings, encounters and legends of living dinosaurs around the world.

In Search of Living Dinosaurs
For over 100 years, explorers have been told tantalizing tales of living, breathing dinosaurs that still inhabit remote areas of African rain forest. Could they be true? A new expedition will try to find out.

Could dinosaurs still be alive?
A reader asks if dinosaurs could still be alive.

Did Pterosaurs Survive Extinction?
Dozens of eyewitness accounts and a few intriguing photographs suggest that this flying monster, thought to have died with the dinosaurs, might still exist.

Living Dinosaurs - True Stories
True stories of living dinosaurs seen around the world.

Pterosaur Sighting in Ontario
Pterosaur Sighting in Ontario - Your True Tales - February 2013

African Pterodactyls
Several eyewitness accounts are provided here of what some think are living pterodactyls in Africa. Or are they some other unknown creature?

Dinosaurs in Literature, Art & History
Did dinosaurs co-exist with man? This website, with a decidedly Biblical point of view, presents the evidence for this theory.

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist – Eyewitness Accounts
There are 12 pages of photos and text contending that many people claim to have seen creatures that resemble various dinosaurs.

How Many Pterodactyls Did You Kill In the War, Daddy?
The photograph in this article was squeezed between the pages of a '70s paranormal book found at a thrift store. Did a group of civil war soldiers kill (or find) what appears to be a pterodactyl?

Jurassic Art
Another site about the enigmatic Ica Stones that depict people and dinosaurs together, an ancient man with a telescope, etc. Some good photos.

On the Trail of the Brontosaurus
This article recounts some encounters by various explorers with Africa's mystery animals.

Pterosaurs and Kongamatos
Although the pterosaur is believed by most to have become extinct with the dinosaurs, some have been occasionally spotted in the American southwest and Africa.

Pterosaurs in Texas
In 1976, a patrolling policeman near San Benito, Texas, claims he saw an animal flying around that looked for all the world like a pterosaur.

Stegosaurus Carving on a Cambodian Temple?
The 600-year-old carving of what looks like a stegosaurus on this Cambodian temple is not evidence of dinosaurs co-existing with man, this site argues.

Tracking The Mokele-Mbembe Legend
Reports of dinosaur-like creatures in Central Africa go back for more than 200 years, according to William "Bill" Gibbons. In 1776, French missionaries passing through the forests reported finding huge footprints in the ground.

Was a Mokele-Mbembe Killed at Lake Tele?
Author William Gibbons confirms that at least two pygmies were directly involved in the killing of a mokele-mbembe at Lake Tele about three decades ago.

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