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UFOs and Aliens - True Stories


Readers tell their true stories of sightings and encounters with UFOs and aliens.

1. Abduction in Quebec

"I had seen at that time, one ominous night looking out my window, a UFO of some sort. It looked like a star in the sky, but was certainly not...."

2. Alien Creature at the Window

"It was horrible. Slightly human, yet more like a beast than anything else. It had a large lower jaw, and either had six eyes or just some random dents in its skull...."

3. Alien Intentions

"We looked to our right and across the little inlet of water we saw a massive, tan, metal-colored spaceship with dozens of lights. The top half seemed to be spinning while the bottom half was stationary...."

4. Alien in the Tub

"As I was turning over to get down out of bed, I glanced down the hall to the bathroom and saw something that to this day I find odd, weird, and completely bizarre...."

5. Aliens Took My Baby

"The next thing I remember is opening my eyes to a bright, blinding light coming through the window and seeing the shape of two "beings", which I assumed were male and female. I could barely see that their skin was scaly, somewhat like a fish...."

6. Beartooth Mountains UFO

"And then I saw the light again, only closer, but this was no vehicle light, but a single, intense flash of light that I can only compare to the intensity of lightning. And it was coming in my direction, each time closer, covering miles in heartbeats, and with each flash it grew brighter and more intense...."

7. Big Round Blue UFO

"It was really big. About as big as a two-car garage detached from the house. It was a really deep blue color and completely round...."

8. Black Friday UFO Sighting

"At first, I thought it was maybe just the top of a light pole from the parking lot, but all the other lights were square in shape and painted a dark brown color, while this was a silver disk not attached to any pole or anything else that I could see...."

9. Coyotes and UFOs

"I was halfway home when off to my right in a field I saw some tiny colored lights. They were blue, red and green. Some of them were blinking...."

10. Crippled UFO

"Suddenly, over all this sound came a loud different one, like metal hitting metal, grinding, banging! I looked to the southern end of the field where the sound was coming from...."
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