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"Rodent" on Mars picture


"Rodent" on Mars picture


This curiosity snapped by one of the cameras of the Curiosity rover on the surface of the planet Mars has been dubbed the Mars rodent. From this vantage point -- the only one we're offered by the rover -- it does resemble a guinea pig as you'd find in any Earthly pet store.

Is it likely that this really is some form of Martian rodent? If so, on what is it dining, since there appears to be no vegetation to provide food? Yet, the little fellow looks quite healthy. I suppose we could imagine that there is some form of food underground, which the animal discovers in its burrows.

Or is it more likely that this is an optical illusion, a rock whose shape fools us into seeing a furry little critter with a nose, eye, and possibly a front foot?

What do you think?

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