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The Kangaroo-Goat-Lizard



The best I can describe the creature I saw is that it resembled a kangaroo/goat/lizard. And although I only saw it for a split second 14 years ago (August of 1996), I can still see it in my mind's eye like it happened yesterday.<.p>

My friend and I were 15, and we liked to walk around the industrial district in the southeast section of Portland, Oregon from time to time -- just exploring hidden nooks and crannies, being your typical adventurous teenage boys without driver's licenses. But on one of those days at around noon, my friend and I were about to cross a bridge that went over some train tracks. And as we came to the base of the bridge, we encountered said kangaroo/goat/lizard. There was a lot of tall grass at the base of this bridge that was noticeably neglected, so in some spots it grew to well over six feet. And that is where this creature was presumably lying in wait to pop out and scare us. And that is exactly what it did.

It scared the bejezuz out of the both of us. But neither of us ran. We just stared at each other in dumbfounded horror for about a minute before one of us said something to the effect of, "What did we just see?" and then we quickly turned heel and headed back to his mom's apartment, which wasn't too far from the site.

My friend and I didn't talk too much about the creature after that, and we soon parted ways and haven't seen each other since then. As for the creature/monster, it was about 7'5"-8' tall, and looked enormous, like it could have easily weighed a 1/2 ton. The face was that of a kangaroo, as was the body, but it had small horns atop its head, like that of a mountain goat. Most of the fur was beige/khaki, like one would see on a kangaroo, but it also had red streaks of fur on its jowls and two hanging yellow puffballs of what I assume was fur attached to the red on its jowls. (This reminded me of one of those spitting dinosaurs from the first Jurassic Park movie.) The eyes were crazy, and I remember black-and-white spirals and a sense of total madness behind them! However, I felt no malice from this thing, only a deep curiosity about the two boys before it. And then, all of a sudden, it just up and disappeared into thin air.

Since this happened, I have searched for something or someone who has an idea of what I saw that day, but nothing has come to light.

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