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Cryptids, Monsters and Weird Creatures


Chased By a Hell Hound

"We all looked back and what we saw behind us was terrifying: a pure black dog with gleaming red eyes -- almost like a Rottweiler, but more demonic...."

Cornfield Creature

Out in a Minnesota cornfield, Frank sees something about the size of a small child, skinny, pale that moved in a jerky gait, like someone dancing the robot badly.

The Creature By the Shed

"It took me a couple of seconds to realize what it was. It was two eyes. Two big really, red glowing eyes...."

The Creature from the Ditch

"As soon I began to turn back onto the road from the shoulder, my headlights shone over the ditch and picked something up on the other side of the road, about a foot from the asphalt...."

Creature of Fear

In 1989 in Columbus, Ohio, D.E. was surprosed by a creature with small yellow spots and a described as a fat alligator.

Creepy Creatures Near Hell

"After five minutes of yelling, we walked back over to the Jeep. This is when things got really weird. The moment I turned on my flashlight I could see a pale, thin, naked "thing" (I refuse to call it human) peering at us from behind a tree...."

Creepy Lake Man

"His skin was the dark yellow color, the kind of yellow you see when you mix brown and yellow together...."

Creepy Tight-Skinned Creature

At a cabin in the Canadian Rockies, Jonny is terrified by a creature whose skin was too tight for his body; he could see all of its organs bulging through its skin.

The Crow Killer

In 1961, Rene says something attacked a pet crow in a cage... and it had a knife.

The Curious Creature

Sophie is terrified by a small, hunched over, hairless, bald and wrinkled thing.

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