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Your Predictions for 2008

The good, the bad, and the goofy


Updated January 06, 2008

WE ASKED FOR your predictions for 2008, and you delivered. Whether you read tea leaves, plugged in the collective unconscious, used your intuition, or just plain guessed, you provided an outlook of this new year that is at once hopeful, terrifying, and sometimes goofy. If you’re right, there will be: ecological and climatic disasters; remarkable cures and inventions; less violence in one place and more in another; events that seem obvious and others we don’t expect; and, of course, zombies. Will any of them come to pass? We’ll have to wait and see. Here are your predictions for 2008:


  • Cure for cervical cancer using stem cell research. – gwaring
  • Green energy will become even more prevalent. – Danger2369
  • Food and medicines will become available in larger quantities throughout the world. – slowreaper
  • The violence in Iraq will drop by over half of what has been seen lately. – landar
  • I predict a new prophet coming from God, one who is the healer. He will help the planet get to a new level of consciousness. He will take on religious extremism and deliver a new dogma to the world. – AndyRossiter
  • Death of Fidel Casto by June, 2008. Venezuelans overthrow Chavez. Part of God’s testimony to Moses will be found not far from Roslyn Chapel in a creek bed. – Ky Truthseeker


  • Japan will have islands sink into the ocean, and China will have the most major volcanic disaster ever. – James Wood
  • A virus that affects the bones takes hold, causing blackness of the skin a bit like leprosy, but in the bones. – Ardic2000
  • Sun flares cause havoc with communications and cause health hazards. Terrorist bombing at the Wailing Wall. – Ky Truthseeker
  • Earthquake in Asia. – gwaring
  • The use of lead in some of their products will hurt ties with China. – Danger2369
  • World leaders, both political and religious, will institute and make bigger divisions among people, at times restricting food and medicine, while blaming it on some enemy, all the time claiming efforts to make the world a better place. It will lead to a few million people dying. – slowreaper
  • Worst famine in the recent years will hit Africa, South America. – knockout_jay
  • A powerful world leader will be assassinated. – landar
  • Continuing terrible weather disasters. – AndyRossiter


  • U.S. Senate and USDA overturn Farmer's Bulletin No. 1935, allowing American farmers to grow hemp for alternative fuel, paper products, and textiles. This will be led by Dennis Kucinich. Cleveland Indians win the World Series. – Ky Truthseeker
  • Unemployment remains at all-time lows. – gwaring
  • Troops are slowly pulled out from The Middle East. – Danger2369
  • The people will realize that they do have the power and start demanding the government start working for the benefit of the citizens, leading to special interest groups losing some of their hold on officials. Also, politicians will become more accountable for their actions. – slowreaper
  • No major terrorist events are forecast for North America. – knockout_jay
  • A new prophet will also solve some very long unsolved murders (Jon Benet and Natalee Holloway) as proof of who he is. – AndyRossiter


  • Gas prices will rise past $4.50/gallon. There will be double the number of spree-style shootings/killings. New street drugs resulting in mass overdoses and an alarming crime rate. – Zombino83
  • A huge tornado sweeps across the north coast of America, a bit like Wizard of Oz and takes a school out with it; a lot of grieving. Civil unrest takes hold across America and Britain. – Ardic2000
  • The cause of mine cave-ins and earthquakes is found to be U.S. Government building deep underground tunnels and bases. More bridge collapses in U.S. Unknown illness kills hundreds in Atlanta area, causing closing of Atlanta Airport and massive transportation problems; this even causes depletion of food supply for the area. Be prepared for another Space Shuttle disaster. – Ky Truthseeker
  • I had a vivid dream that there was a very serious earthquake in the Seattle, Washington area, with vertical chunks of broken pavement on a street I used to live by. My previous dream (prediction) happened about one year and ten months before it really occurred. That puts the serious earthquake to happen around April 10, 2008. Yikes! – Marcas Major
  • Major plane crash near Grand Canyon, possibly inbound to Las Vegas. – gwaring
  • Various product recalls will weaken the U.S. economy. – Danger2369
  • Three major disasters within a short timespan, one to three months from first to last. Government officials will try to grab even more power because of it. – slowreaper
  • U.S. will fall into a short recession, but will rebound with new vigor propelled by strong demand in the BRIC economies. South Africa will also face the famine, and the economic indexes will fall well below the last 20 years records. – knockout_jay
  • Another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, but this one will be homegrown. – landar
  • Hurricanes this year. – AndyRossiter

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