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Gypsy Curse



My grandma was raised the daughter of a migrant worker. Wherever great-grandpa traveled and found work is where they lived. Most of her childhood was spent in South Texas, close to the border of Mexico, where it was not uncommon to see Gypsys traveling through selling various items.

One day, a gypsy woman came to their house trying to sell some things which my great-grandmother didn't want but the gypsy was being very pushy and refused to let her even close the door, telling her she knew she had money in a jar (she did) and that she wanted it.

My great-grandmother wasn't intimidated and basically pushed her out of the way and yelled some various offenses to run her off. They exchanged words and the Gypsy woman told her that she was going to die soon, that she was going to choke on her tongue.

Less than a year later, she had a heart attack and had, in fact, choked on her tongue. I happened to read a story earlier on this very site about a Gypsy in Russia who predicted a lady's death, who also choked on her tongue, and thought it was such a creepy coincidence.

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