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Out-of-Body Experience / Astral Travel

What you need to know about out-of-body experiences, or astral travel, and how you can do it.

Astral Projection: Doorway to a New Dimension
Are you ready to explore other dimensions of human existence? Jerry Gross explains where astral projection - or out-of-body experience - can take us, and the amazing world that awaits us there.

Astral Projection: You Can Do It Too
How you can have an out-of-body experience, according to an expert.

How To Explore the Astral Universe
Author Donald Tyson explains his methods of astral projection – and how you can do it.

Out-of-Body Experiences - True Stories
True stories of out-of-body experiences, or astral travel.

Tell us about your out-of-body experience
Readers are asked about their out-of-body experiences. See submissions

The Astral Plane
The author tells of his remarkable discovery of the astral plane when he was a young boy in England, and then later in Connecticut.

Astral Projection
Explains how to go about having an experience by various methods, step by step, including the famous Monroe Method.

Astral Projection as a Means of Alien Transportation
X-Project puts forth a controversial concept: What if extraterrestrials use astral projection to bridge the gap between their planet and Earth?

Astral Projection: FAQs
Answers to questions, such as: Why does it take so long? What does it feel like? What about past lives? Are there any sub-humans on the astral plane?... and many more.

Astral Projection — Get Out and Do Something
Understanding why astral projection is important requires a knowledge of the way magick works, and to understand that requires a brief look at the nature of you and the universe.

Astral Projection Voyages of the Mind
What astral projection is, and how our spirit guides help us through it. In question-and-answer format.

Astral Travel
Basic information on astral travel and telepathic communication to get you started, based on the author's personal experience and research.

Astral Travel: In Your Body or Out of It?
Once you have had the experience of leaving your physical body behind with some other aspect of who or what you are, simply brushing that experience aside and dismissing it is not easily done.

A Fool's Guide to Lucid Dreaming
Have you been frustrated in your attempts at lucid dreaming? This article covers three common failures of lucidity and how to overcome them.

How To Have a Lucid Dream
Lucid dreaming means dreaming while you know that you are dreaming, and when you know you are dreaming within a dream you can also alter the dream course, with practice you can also develop full control over your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming
We are preparing for a major shift in our consciousness, this article says, and lucid dreaming is a technique that can help us prepare for the coming shift.

The Out of Body Experience
Millions of individuals have experienced the "vibrations, floating and paralysis" that are the common prelude to an out-of-body experience. Here are some techniques for inducing an Astral Travel or Out of Body experience.

Out-of-Body Experiences: All in the Brain?
Challenges the research by some scientists that claims OBEs can be triggered by stimulus to the brain and therefore are not actual experiences.

PSI Explorer: Out-of-Body Experience
Good basic information, plus outlines of some scientific research experiments.

A Voyage to Knowledge of the Afterlife
Do the many levels of consciousness that we can access in "out-of-body" travels prove the existence of life beyond this one?

Buzzing Out of Body Experiences
Your True Tales of Buzzing Out of Body Experiences - April 2011

Epic Astral Travelogue
Epic Astral Travelogue - December 2010

The Fall, Redux
The Fall, Redux - December 2010

Another World, Not My Own
Another World, Not My Own - December 2010

Hallucination or Otherworldly Experience?
Your True Tales of Hallucination or Otherworldly Experience? - December 2013

Out-of-Body Scare and Demon Call
Your True Tales of Out-of-Body Scare and Demon Call - January 2014

I Am an Astral Protector
Your True Tales of I Am an Astral Protector - February 2014

I Was a Black-Eyed Person
I Was a Black-Eyed Person: An out-of-body experience has very scary effects

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