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Paranormal News and Views for November 6, 2012



Listen to one of the scariest Bigfoot sounds to come out of Oregon
This latest Bigfoot vocalization was captured by a father and his son while walking their dog in the woods. The location is somewhere near the foothills of the Cascades in Oregon. It's probably one of the craziest ones we've heard in awhile. Bigfootseeker46, the uploader writes, "Me my son and our dog were walking in the woods and heard this sound. let me know what you think."..

Cryptid encounter on Lake Leelanau
From Phantoms & Monsters: "In June of this year, my wife and I took our RV to Leelanau Pines for a week. This campground is in the lower west side of the lake. On the last day of our trip I was heading back to the boat launch after an hour or so on the lake when I noticed something sticking out of the water. It was about 300 ft. from shore. It looked like a long thick piece of black rubber until it suddenly dove back into the water"...

More evidence that Bigfoots communicate and travel along power lines
Bigfoots have reportedly been using power line trails for traveling and communication. According to researchers, its high tension lines can be used to send knock signals for miles...

Aerial search for Bigfoot
An Idaho scientist plans to launch an aerial search via a remote-controlled blimp to track down the creature and prove its existence once and for all...

The Mono Lake Bigfoot footage
Back in 2008, a science teacher from Orange County, California came forward and presented to the Bigfoot community one of the most intriguing footage of Bigfoot they had seen in a long time...

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