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Paranormal News and Views for July 23, 2013


Chupacabras illustration

Chupacabras sighting?

Up-to-the-minute reports of paranormal activity and news from around the world


The Crescat and the Chupacabras
Did Crescat have a paranormal visitation? Was it the Chupacabra? On Facebook she reports: I just saw this… a shadowy animal, smaller than a deer, bigger than a dog, lean and shaped like a great dane, about the size of a mastiff. It wasn't furry, or it least it had a short coat so I thought… deer. Until it darted toward me, growled like a dog, hissed like a cat, than lept over the fence and took off running on two legs...
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Tall tales of tall creatures fly like sparks at scientists' campfire
When a group of international volcanologists visited Mount St. Helens this month, they picked up the hands-on experience that comes with working in one of the world's best natural laboratories. They also picked up a bit of Northwest lore...

Return of the black-eyed children
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Stars reveal creepy events on the set of The Conjuring
Paranormal researcher Lorraine Warren certainly has her fair share of ghost stories, and then some. She told Fox 4′s Russ Simmons that there was a supernatural entity in the building where this interview took place...

The haunt-hunter haunted
Dr. Walter Franklin Prince recently went to investigate the ghosts, but today, it was revealed, the ghosts are investigating Dr. Prince. Back from the snow-bound wilds of Antigonish where he discovered the fire-setting ghost of the MacDonald farm to be Mary Ellen MacDonald, herself, Dr. Prince today told about a ghost of his own, somewhere in New Jersey...

Socialite sells her haunted house after slashing price
The haunted home at Broadview Villa in Happy Valley owned by the Queen of Timepieces Christie Wo Man-shan has been sold after the price was cut. The apartment became a haunted home seven years back when Wo's mum jumped from the building at No20 Broadwood Road...


Reasons why people have psychic readings
Today it's not unusual for people to consult a psychic. For one thing, it's become a lot more accepted than a few years ago, and secondly, it's much easier to find a psychic to do your reading for you, now that so many of them have an online presence...
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