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Your Predictions for 2014


2014 predictions

Your predictions for 2014!

Readers provide their predictions for the coming year: the good, the bad, and the crazy

WE HEARD FROM the professional psychics about what's going to happen in 2014, but we are most interested in what you see for the coming year. If you're right, it will be another year of global conflict, weather and environmental extremes, but also interesting technological advances, and even some paranormal surprises.


  • 2014 will be a Uranian year, meaning a lot of shocking things will happen that will shake people up. -- Tonya B.
  • Pope Francis summons an ecumenical council, and reform for the Roman Catholic Church cannot be reversed. -- Richard D.
  • A plot by American terrorists will be foiled. -- Gary L.
  • It will finally be a good year for the Earth and humanity at large. -- Beth C.
  • In Russia, the Olympics will be successful thanks to President Putin’s extreme effort to gain intelligence on existing terrorist opportunities. -- Prophetic Light
  • There will be a slowdown of incessant, minute technology changes, and many technology makers will reduce supplies to a few models each. -- Brick O.
  • Major gain in the war on terrorists. -- Shirley N.
  • School shooting foiled by teacher. -- Shirley N.
  • Republican Party "remakes" their platform in response to loss of support due to their walkout and lack of touch with women and middle class. -- Shirley N.
  • Obama will curtail the drone program after growing international opposition, including Pope Francis, who calls them "extrajudicial executions". -- Christopher C.
  • For the first time in America’s history, a woman will likely meet the long awaited challenge to effectively campaign for the position of either a Vice President or President concerning any party. Success for any Republican Presidential Candidate in 2016 will largely depend upon the ability to effectively project acceptance without judgment. This means that "hatred" in the usual form of religiosity must no longer indiscreetly involve political platforms. -- Prophetic Light



  • Another shutdown for the U.S. Government. -- Lana
  • Near total stock market crash followed by total U.S. economic crash. Rioting, looting, killing, race war. Hunger and misery. -- dale
  • The economy for the United States will remain somewhat disappointing for those expecting a robust return in job numbers. Many will remain out of work and if anything is found, less income should be expected for the year 2014 and beyond. -- Prophetic Light
  • Stock market will dip to a near all-time low. -- Susan F.
  • On April 1, 2014 (April Fools Day) the stock market will lose 1,550 points by noon that day. -- Bill M.
  • Because of large U.S. banks investing too much money overseas, there will a change in banking laws, limiting those funds to a percentage rather than as much as they want. The words "isolationist banking" are in my mind. -- Zim


  • President Obama will have serious personal issues. -- Dale
  • Heart scare for Toronto mayor Rob Ford. This will be a wake up call to him and he'll enter rehab. He will not resign as mayor. -- Lana
  • Syria will be fragmented in 2014. This will eventually allow oil pipelines and other resources to be tapped by neighbors and the old colonial powers of Europe. Lebanon will follow the bubbling cauldron example of Somalia. And Hezbollah will be reduced to a national militia with no international value. I expect Syria's army to follow a similar path. -- Jim T.
  • The worst "train wreck" for 2014 I see coming in the Middle East is Egypt, which has overpopulated both its potable water supply and its capacity to grow wheat. Paying for it will pressure Egypt to privatize valued national assets like the Suez Canal and Nile River water supply. -- Jim T.
  • John Key's National led coalition government in New Zealand will lose the upcoming general election, and the new Labour led coalition government will withdraw from the proposed Trans-Pacific-Partnership because it offers insufficient protection for workers rights. -- bkbell
  • Before the end of 2014, someone important will be hurt in Washington, D.C., at a museum or someplace where many visitors frequent, and the world will take notice and rally to help the ones in need. -- Mary
  • There will be political instability in Vietnam now that General Vo Giap Nguyen has passed on. The Vietnamese Communist Party will have discussions with the Vietnamese Roman Catholic hierarchy as to how to end the unrest toward the government. -- Richard D.
  • There will be an assassination (or attempt) of a U.S. politician. -- Gary L.
  • A gay person at Russian Olympics does something he shouldn't. Giant row ensues with international implications, possibly war. -- Daniel G.
  • Obama's false birth certificate will be exposed with Photoshop layering after Hillary Clinton's murder is proved. -- Beth C.
  • Hawaii will successfully secede from the U.S. after a bloody revolt where hundreds of workers at pesticide plants and other environmentally polluting companies get massacred. -- Brian K.
  • More nations will kick the U.S. out and close embassies. -- Brick O.
  • Obama will continue to drop in the polls and I see the emergence of a sensible third party during the year. -- Susan F.
  • Another government overthrow in the Mid East. -- Shirley N.


  • War involving Saudi Arabia. -- Dale
  • April will once again bring school shootings and debate about gun laws. -- Lana
  • Two more school shootings will occur, one in California May/June and one in either Texas or Louisiana in late September. It will be possible to stop these if steps are taken in the days beforehand. -- bkbell
  • There will be a vaccine called MD 14 that will hurt a lot of people. -- Eileen
  • Nationally, I see trauma unlike any we have seen since the Civil War. Race riots, massive urban upheaval complete with violence and looting, insurrection against an increasingly intrusive and totalitarian government and the breakup of states. The Federal Government will begin imprisoning U.S. citizens who are considered "threats" in FEMA camps and killing those who resist. On a world scale, war is coming and more than one war. I do not think the wars will last long, but the death and destruction will be massive. -- Steven N.
  • There will be another high-death-toll shooting. -- Gary L.
  • Iran will eventually secure the technology to make an atomic bomb. -- Prophetic Light
  • Israel and Damascus will experience a weapons of mass destruction event. -- Greyghost
  • The first domestic drone strike against U.S. citizens will happen on live television during a news channel's coverage of a police chase involving homegrown terrorists. -- Brian K.
  • There will be another school shooting this year, likely in Indiana; not much loss of life. -- Susan F.
  • A Chechen military assault at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. This will lend Russia initial world support to roll into Chechnya where they will engage in wholesale slaughter and the laying waste to cities. Tensions will rise as a result. -- Derek
  • Iran will get the bomb. -- Derek
  • China will continue its increase of aggression in that region, perhaps coming to blows with Japan. -- Derek
  • There will be some sort of unmanned drone crashing into another plane in the air. I don't know if it will be a loss of life or not. Somewhere between the Mississippi river and the Rocky Mountains. -- Zim

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