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Teleportation rescue in China

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Teleportation rescue

Teleportation rescue

Teleportation rescue in China

This is allegedly a video from a surveillance camera at a street intersection somewhere in China, taken on May 9, 2012 at about 3 minutes after midnight, according to its time stamp. Two cars pass through the intersection. Then a white truck comes speeding through, and at the same time a man on a three-wheel vehicle comes in from a perpendicular direction. Just as the truck is about to hit the vehicle, a "man" comes speeding into the frame, touches the vehicle, and apparently teleports it in a millisecond to safety on the side of the street. As the truck driver gets out to find out what happened and the guy on the vehicle sits on the curb, the "man" in black simply walks away quickly.

It has been suggested that the "man" is an alien or a time traveler who, for some unknown reason, needed to rescue the guy on the vehicle.


This is a very well done, even entertaining video. If real, it would be utterly fantastic. But is it real? We think not. Even accepting the premise of aliens, time traveler, and teleportation (a huge premise to accept) it does not hold up under logical questioning:

  • Even though the streets are relatively empty, why is the truck speeding through an intersection? (We cannot see if there are any traffic lights.) It could just have easily collided with any vehicle or person with such recklessness.
  • If it was the mission of the alien or the time traveler to rescue the man on the vehicle, why did he wait until the most dramatic moment -- the last possible split second -- to do it? Couldn't he just as easily have delayed the man on the vehicle much earlier to avoid the possibility of collision?
  • Why did the alien/time traveler walk away? Wasn't he able to speed away (in the same way that he sped in) or even teleport away to avoid detection or identification?

I suspect that this is not a surveillance camera video at all, but rather a very cleverly staged hoax perpetrated by the actors involved, using digital editing software. They are to be applauded for their ingenuity!

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