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Strange Tales 11: Which Story is False?



We’re very familiar with haunted houses, haunted castles, haunted libraries and museums, even haunted pubs. But stretches of road and highway also can become haunted, apparently, especially when they are the scenes of some horrific death.

Such may be the case of German Church Road in the Chicago suburb of Willow Springs. In late 1956, this was the site of a still-unsolved crime. Two sisters, Barbara and Patricia Grimes, were murdered and their bodies dumped into a ravine on the side of this road near Devil’s Creek. Since then, ghostly sightings and unexplained sounds have been experienced at this location.

Local police received several common reports from people at the scene of the crime: they hear a car pull up to the location (although none is seen); the sound of a car door open; what sounds like something being dumped on the side of the road; a car door slamming shut; the car driving away. The final actions of the murder, it seems, have been imprinted on the scene.

In at least one instance, the phantom car was actually seen. A woman and some friends who were investigating the haunted site say they saw a car moving up the gravel drive of a nearby house, now only in ruins, that stood when the crime took place. The car’s lights were not on, but it drove quickly past them and around the house before disappearing into the night.

One’s first thought is that it was just another curiosity seeker checking out the haunted highway, but then it was remembered that this gravel drive was closed off by a heavy chain to prevent such intrusions by cars. When checked, the chain was still in place.

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